Shark Anupam ने "Upthrust" को बताया अपना Gaming Experience | Shark Tank India Season 2 | Full Pitch -

Shark Anupam ने “Upthrust” को बताया अपना Gaming Experience | Shark Tank India Season 2 | Full Pitch

Shark Tank India
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The gamers of “Upthrust Esports” wants too be the top risers globally. There ask is 75 Lakhs for 3% Equity. To which, Shark Anupam responds “I started India’s first gaming company”. Will Sharks invest in these young minds business? Watch Now!

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About Shark Tank India: World ka No.1 business reality show, Shark Tank aagaya hai India mein! Jahan Sharks, yaani India ke experienced Businessmen, aapke business aur business idea ko parkhenge, tarashenge aur bada banayenge.

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  1. 42cr gamer? Liers. What you think 33% indian only plays games. Bakwas bandh karo.

  2. Okay so Namita is the Barbara from the US version. Now I get it.

  3. If they could have brought or created a video of how the tournament's are created with clips from the players the sharks would have understood but these couldn't provide any proper understanding of how the uptrust eSports works

  4. People in the gaming community know them they are the goat ❤️sky esports upthrust esports ❤️🔥JUST GETTING TWOOO HAPPY FOR THISSSS SPERO ALSO HERE ❤️😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  5. Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,Hare Ram hare Ram Ram Ram hare hare.Please read bhagwad geeta by shrila prabhupada to know the goal of human form of life.

  6. Is LOKO previous smart guy came on shark tank previous season?

  7. At 21 yrs a kid has an idea, he probably needs a mentor to provide more marketing insights to explore new opportunities as their risk appetite looks too large. I thought Aman could have provide some guidance off air

  8. One day sharks will see this organisation being the biggest eSports platform..and at that time they will remember this pitch….

  9. If Namita, Jenny and Barbara went "out" together to get a drink 😂

  10. hen hen Dar lagraha he baccho ko Paisa dena…😂😂

  11. Vineeta's Lough "aha aha aha aha ha"😂😂

  12. Sharks made a wrong decision 😂😂😂 soon they will regret it

  13. Ye to vo nikla mein Inka wife hu 🤣

  14. Plz don't waste future of youth by this cheapest Drug like games plz don't waste their lives face them reality of life

  15. Bgmi is coming and hope esports grow 😀

  16. most of the esports companies are loss making whether be India or USA like you can check FaZe Clan their stock has fallen and also Indian esports are totally loss making like they are owned by millionaires only and they just do it for fun.

  17. Vaibhav Kumar {Sharma} is my brothers name.

  18. 7:59 the moment Anupam realized that he spoke too soon. His refusal, despite the astounding numbers, carried a hint of ego.

  19. Anupam 4 baar juth bola hai iss pitch me

  20. Ashneer ko lao ….maza nhi aata jb tk ashnir ki trh doglapan na utare😂😂😂😂🎉

  21. Seeing upthrust eSports here is not less than an achievement

  22. Anupam toh India ka johnny sins nikla. Har tarah ki dhandhe ki knowledge hai.😂😂😂

    P.S:- Namita was out when they opened the door and walked on to the stage.

  23. Sooner or later sharks will realise they lost a gem deal .

  24. Gaming Industry is BIGGER than the whole Movie and Music Industry.

  25. Gaming industry mein sirf Jo organizer hai aur gamers hai bas wo hi kama yenge baki sab means the viewers gayenge Wo bhi apna kimti WAQT.just like watching Bollywood,ipl….

  26. 140 crore indians meins 40 crore gamers? kahan se bhai

  27. Upthrust will be much bigger then whole career or there 5 sharks🤣😂 wait and watch

  28. If modi ji were in St season 2
    Ye pubg wala hai kya 😂

  29. thoda sa samjhane me problem ho gayi, ye or better way me show & Explain kar skte the Esports ko. Like Ab Esports ki live watching bahut se Physical Sports se jyada ho chuki hai, Recently BGMS me bahut se International Sports ka record toda hai in terms of Watching. or Asian Games & Fifa me bhi Esports aa chuka hai. iske alawa inko thoda Esports Matches ka demo dikhana tha, wo jo Actual game time ki casting se hype create hota hai, tab smjh me aata hai, ki ye bhi sports hai.

  30. Bhai BGMI ban nahi hui te ye lounde fad dege

  31. They are tagging Ashneer and yet did not take him for the show.

  32. Basically they don’t have enough money to take risks unlike other countries sharks.

  33. They gave the right suggestion.. upthrust should try to be a platform for streaming rather than organisers. They should build something like loco.. that's where the real money is.

  34. Foolish shark tank !! They don’t know the power of esports .

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