Shark Aman को "Bullspree" का Gaming Idea लगा Innovative | Shark Tank India Season 2 | Full Pitch -

Shark Aman को “Bullspree” का Gaming Idea लगा Innovative | Shark Tank India Season 2 | Full Pitch

Shark Tank India
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To solve the complex problems of Stock market, These pitchers bring a gaming application “Bullspree”, where anybody can learn about shares and stock market through a game. This is real-time learning game. Will Sharks accept their valuation of 50 crores? Watch Now!

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About Shark Tank India: World ka No.1 business reality show, Shark Tank aagaya hai India mein! Jahan Sharks, yaani India ke experienced Businessmen, aapke business aur business idea ko parkhenge, tarashenge aur bada banayenge.

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  1. Hey guys .. I'm from Jhumri Telaiya too.

  2. Emcure kaunsi alag hai hazaro lakho Pharma companies se , phir bhi emcure banai 😊😂

  3. Its so awesome episode its lots of idea and bussiness truck thank for helping to grow our bussiness and knowledgement thanku lot Of Love ❤❤❤ Odisha

  4. There is no use of saying counter kar sakta hai ! Either give or don't give. If you give option , obviously they say no.

  5. Imagine stan come to pitch his idea about how become rapper

  6. This like apps are many in market- like etc🤓

  7. Bakabas idea….
    Jab tum apni gari leke road pe nehi utrogi tab tak tum driver nehi ban sakti….. U r a game jone play gaming u r a driver……

    Bakbas idea

  8. Once again bol bachan namita am out kindly please remove namita for god sake

  9. Just a bullshit. U can't make a game on stock Market becz when a player here wins he will have more urge to trade in market with real money and big amount. They are not educating they will create minset of people to be rich more fast, sebi should take necessary action agains these type of companies.

  10. There is a SEBI circular that states: "No person shall organise or offer any scheme/competition/game/ league on securities or related to the securities market."

  11. Latest Excuse for Namita for this season is Cluttered Market

  12. Babita papad dont find a reason to invest she search a reason to go out. If usko reason nahi mila to patent reason to hai he expertise wala😂

  13. Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,Hare Ram hare Ram Ram Ram hare hare.Please read bhagwad geeta by shrila prabupada to know the goal of human form of life.

  14. one of the most disgusting and stupid business I ever saw in shark tank yaar isme novice trader kya sikhega how to be the best gambler investing to na sikhne wala trading yaar paisa banana he to you have to be unethical simple

  15. Namita be like :- I don't have a husband so for that reason I'm out

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