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Seek and Destroy PS2 Review | World Of Tanks Move Over!

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Reviewing the hidden gem of the PS2 era Seek and Destroy a third person tank adventure with no limits to its whimsical nature and fun gameplay.
Hope you enjoy!

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Reviewing the hidden gem of the PS2 era Seek and Destroy a third person tank adventure with no limits to its whimsical nature and fun gameplay.
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Bit late to the party, but this was fantastically made!

  2. as a kid i loved this, i was into the whole tank shit but seeing it again as an adult and actually knowing the tanks, omg the idea of a flying nuke launching maus is the wonder weapon german wishes it had

  3. Are you running this game on an actual PS2 console?

  4. Tying Tom play it today, but man the graphics are terrible on my Sony x85k. Had to use a signal converter to get it to hdmi though

  5. i loved this game so much my fiction character last name is well based off Q-Stein

  6. who remember Jordan form the Bernie Mac show wanting this for Christmas

  7. Is there any diffs between usa and europe versions?

  8. It was one of my most played games of my childhood. This game is what got me interested in tanks in general and the interest of tanks got me interested into WWII which I am a huge nerd for.

  9. it definitly lived rent free in my head for years, so much so that I downloaded a PS2 emulator to play this amazing game. This game holds a special place in my heart as it is because I am into tanks, I love tank history. I've been studying tanks since I was 5 years old and this game is what got me into tanks.

  10. Games like this made my childhood feel like a fever dream.

  11. oh yea i love it… the PANZERKAMPFWAGEN ''1'' AUSF A 🙂

  12. i dont even know how i found this game but this game was one of my favorites back in the day :}

  13. This is a pretty good video. Shame you don't have more views for your work.

  14. Damn I missed this game. Amazing video lol, it made me feel like a kid again.

  15. Ultra realistic graphics,graphics is better than gran turismo lol

  16. Ah yes..I will never forget….THAT FUCKING TANK HARVESTING WAR MACHINE

  17. that was indeed the “bad guy” tank

  18. pre WoT and WT game
    -Has Porsche Tiger, Grille, and Maus in roster, and several MBT's

    -they copied it

  19. I played this game more times than I could possibly count. So many wonderful hours of fun.

  20. Out of nostalgia I just ordered a copy off ebay for 9 bucks, that was my favorite game like 13 years ago but then my siblings took it and hid it and I never found it again

  21. Excellent review. It very hard to describe this game to people, it just sounds like you're talking nonsense.

  22. You should take a look at rings of red ps2 by Konami

  23. I didn’t know you could play the missions out of order. Looks like I’m plugging in my ps2 tonight.

    Also you didn’t fight the spider boss

  24. Really want to paly this game again, did you use an emulator or is it on PSN? I see some sights claiming you can get it on PSN but i havent had a PlayStation since my 2 back in the day and this game is long gone

  25. Replaying this game and working on writing a book set in this universe except it'll have actual humans in it not sentient tanks lol.

  26. This game was my jam as a kid just got a PlayStation to play this again and road trip adventure

  27. This game is better than it has any right to be. I always find myself revisiting this piece every few years, and was probably the gateway that lead to things like Armored Core

  28. This game and Road trip, as well as Choro Q and Gadget Racers, were my favorite games as a kid. Wish they got some sort of remasters or rereleases.

  29. World of Tanks must have wet itself looking at this review.

  30. I used to play this with my dad and brother on split screen. Ahhh…. Great times.

  31. This was the very first game I ever played with I was 4 years old. It was the start of my unhealthy gaming addiction and my downright crackhead addiction to tanks

  32. They should remake this game for Xbox and make it multiplayer online

  33. This game was my childhood addiction. I know I still have it somewhere in storage.
    And, fun fact, this game is actually a spin-off of the Japanese racing game series that we know as Penny Racers.

  34. This is video helps one realise you grew in the greatest era of video gaming and wish you could go back.

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