Scratch Tutorial: Awesome Multiplayer Tank Game Part 3! - Adding a blue tank -

Scratch Tutorial: Awesome Multiplayer Tank Game Part 3! – Adding a blue tank

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Watch to make an awesome multiplayer tank game that will amaze everyone!

Art for the tank:

But WAIT… There’s more! ↓



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  1. Just so you know, I'm literally sitting in a class room of 30 students and my entire year is all watching u rn, no pressure

  2. Please add health (with no variables showing)! Please? because your so awesome!

  3. Please make part 4 plz plz plz plz plz

  4. Please I really need a part 4 of this tank tutorial

  5. Hay McGuy, my version was a little different. It had you constantly moving, and pressing w or up arrow to shoot

  6. needs to be able to damage tanks, but otherwise great vid and plz make a part 4 with the shop for upgrades and tank damage

  7. Go to scratch, search ATG 2 and play! THX for the idea!

  8. It's a good game but you haven't finished telling us how to make it.

  9. I made a maze game but my chrcter pass through black line

  10. The only serious youtuber child! The only one I know is worth to watch

  11. The turn/move speed variables are useless

  12. ur keyboard is so loud, when u type its loud, btw i sub

  13. How to make the tank in scratch?
    Can you please make a tutorial on that

  14. Looking for a part 4… Pls! It would be rlly useful!

  15. Hey McGuy will you add a background in part 4 ? I like your games so much I mean they are awesome !!!!! My computer teacher said that I had made an awesome game and thanks so much for the help !!!

  16. Why have you used variables? I mean there was no use of the varables in both tanks and for bullets I have used the volume variable which is present in the sound extension. Make it like that and apload a video with the secret variable {VOLUME}. Please tell me if you like this idea.

  17. I wonder how he creates and explain in 6 min gut it took me 2 hours

  18. Can you add cloud variables to make the game multiplayer

  19. ya know, i think the ¨people¨ who dislike these videos are AI.

  20. I think you should add a score and if it hits the opponent then disappear

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