Robert Gets To Test Out Virtual Reality On Shark Tank | CNBC Prime -

Robert Gets To Test Out Virtual Reality On Shark Tank | CNBC Prime

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Virtual video games have always had their physical limiations – until now. The Omni allows users to safely walk, run, crouch, and jump while playing virtual video games. See how it works on “Shark Tank” TONIGHT at 8P ET on CNBC!
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The business themed reality series features the sharks — tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – who give budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and potentially secure business deals that could make them millionaires.

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Robert Gets To Test Out Virtual Reality On Shark Tank | CNBC Prime


  1. Lol. Omni has now sold over $10 Million worth of products to 45 countries. The shark definitely regret this decision.

  2. As soon as Barbara said, " Could you tell me more about what that is, the Oclious rift" I would have been out lol

  3. BARBARA : "If my husband brought this home i would divorce him.. Because that means he could be having fun. And for that reason, I'm out"

  4. Who is managing this youtube channel why did it cut off before the we heard from everyone.

  5. They are so wrong I’m about to order me one right now this is the cheapest one I want to buy this is my first one I love you guys I’ve been reading says ready player one came out

  6. This is badass. Not only making gaming more immersive, but actually exercising while you play. They could easily refine this, make some good modifications and sell it for $999. The running platform has to be bigger. This stuff is going to be huge in a couple more years.

  7. Omni is doing well rn and is on track to a 100m dollar company. They partnered with Dave and Busters. They have put out new products and multiple campaigns in the gaming industry. Also, Mark Cuban made a deal with them.

  8. My wife going to be just as excited as I am if I brought this home. Wtf she talking about lmao

  9. I research companies after watching these clips. Cuban invested in this company. New models are sick! I just hope they will sell globally. There’s a lot of gamers. VR is so late in our country. A lot will pay for this. Heck a lot of people here even own expensive new playstation models

  10. The Sharks belong to a different mind set in trade and belongs to a different generation, stuff like that needed young rich tech investors who also play games

  11. Yeah the sharks missed on this one, if a gamer is wanting to play virtual reality then they are going to pay that $900 price point for the immersive experience. People build entire rooms dedicated to VR so this really isn’t taking up much space

  12. Ohh they are missing out. There is so much room in the market for gaming stuff rn. Especially with COVID rn.

  13. My left ear liked the talking. My right ear liked the music.

  14. Why music is on right speaker and voices are on left speaker?

  15. These sharks don't know anything. An oculous rift forces you to stand and set boundaries on the ground to wear you can walk. The difference with this product is legitimate immersion with health benefits as a bonus. Your telling me in next 20 years there isn't going to be full body suits where we are running through our homes or something shooting guns in the video game?? It's like come on get with the program. Easily their worse decision 499 is a great price anyone who has driving Sim gear knows its costly and doesn't come with the game but it's because they are hard core gamers. I just can't belive they would pass this up

  16. Of course you’re forced to stand and be interactive. That’s the point of virtual reality. It’s the next level of gaming!

  17. If DJ made that fat shaming comment in 2022, he would be canceled immediately 😬

  18. 500$!!!! I spent 1000 on my headset 4000+ ive lost track on my computer. This could of been huge good luck finding one under 2000 that does the same thing. This is the future here and i cant wait till this is only 500 bucks. If youve never used VR you are completely missing out.

  19. tape over the oculus logo then namedrop it in the show???

  20. These sharks don't know what they are talking about. People house treadmills in their homes. This is relatively smaller in comparison and cheaper.

  21. Id love to walk the streets of other countries. Think tourism.
    Think how Google 3D maps was created. Google cars canvasing neighbor hoods with a rotating camera on the roof of the car.

    Instead of a car camera. Clothing cameras. Now for a $1.99 download you too can walk the streets of any country. Walk into any store. Countryside. Etc etc possibilities are virtually endless.

    Who or what company do i invest in? Tell me.

  22. You cannot talk to these grandparents shark they have no vision for gaming in the future

  23. They are old! They don’t understand how the new generation works. That’s the future of video games!

  24. How old is this? They are using a very old headset.

  25. The most astonkshing thing in this video is how much the video editor wants us to hear that stupid music and sfx as if we’re deaf

  26. lol @ the sharks reminding us how old they are. lookin at you Barbara.

  27. Worst decision ever made by these sharks! This is gold

  28. Don’t they understand it’s designed with the intention to be as immersive as possible

  29. This sucks lol. Sony and nintendo will eat these guys alive

  30. Barbara is such a hater. Everything that comes out of her mouth is disrespectful

  31. Old people making a huge mistake because they don’t get it.

  32. They really have no idea about VR. 499$ is a good price for that. I am even interested in one.

  33. Women exist and for those reasons I'm out

  34. They said people don’t play GTA more than an hour are you stupid

  35. im guessing by the more advanced version thats out now they were successful enough. i kinda want one

  36. People looking to purchase one of these would already have oculus, the consumer of such product is gonna be people looking to expand their emerson.

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