Remote Control Tank Battle Starts -

Remote Control Tank Battle Starts

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American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum located in Danville, VA. Besides an amazing display of over 100 armored vehicles, they also feature an elaborate, miniature indoor battlefield for 1/16 scale Remote Control Tanks! Participants travel from many states to join the group event held several times a year.

The tanks are fitted with an Infra Red battle system which, when the tank receives a hit, disables it from firing and moving for a number of seconds. Each tank has a finite number of lives before it is permanently disabled until the end of the game.

**Nice Memorial Day article on the AAF Tank Museum**

AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA.


  1. Can I be Godzilla and start stomping on them and kicking over this lovely diorama?

  2. Would be more interesting if they can install mini GoPro cameras on the tanks and feed the images to their laptops so they can see the action on the ground level.

  3. Why are the not more females flocking all over these studs

  4. Would be dope if this becomes VR and you view was from the actually tank.

  5. these guys need some advice from the BB shooting navy guys

  6. Why should players hide their tanks in the diorama when all players can see the entire diorama from above at the same time? Or did I not understand or did I overlook something?

  7. I see skirting the map works in RL as it does in Steel Panthers.

  8. maximum nerd power…. I was bored 10 seconds after they started driving

  9. Rico Suave

    When the World Of Tanks servers are down but you still need a fix

  10. Battle of the Bulge movie (1965) King Tiger – it proves the Germans are still the world's best toymakers.

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  11. easy each side can see were the other side operators are looking and located

  12. I wish they had cameras on the tanks and then the people operating have that vr headset thing but also the tanks shoot each other with at least BB pellets

  13. It'd be interesting if they shot paintballs and the splatter of the paint would be considered the explosion and shratnel.

  14. You can tell no veterans had input this… really cool don’t get me wrong… I wasnt even a tanker and I know what a tank fighting position looks like

  15. "Men only want one thing and it's f***ing disgusting!"
    What men really want:

  16. they should make them so they shoot lil 22 bullets or something so they wreck each other lol

  17. I don't care what anyone says…. this is Fucking Awesome

  18. this is cool. Imagine if each tank was loaded w/ .22 and they had live feed cameras in the tank.

  19. this looks more fun to play then watch i feel bad for the ppl spectating.

  20. "Your father couldn't make it to your football game because he had to do something important with his friends."

  21. I don't know… is wierd or excellent… error 404… sense not found

  22. Best improvement to make is to get a big giant Godzilla costume player on that battlefield.

  23. About as much fun as watching paint dry 🥱

  24. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!

  25. Right after the video ended a mini b-29 flew in and dropped and atom bomb killing everyone in the room.

  26. Tanks need to shoot 22Mag Rimfire rounds with FMJ,

  27. NUKE about to go off, some random guy throws a full bucket of paint on the field

  28. Wow that was so loud I couldn't hear the ant crawling across the floor

  29. Hold my beer boys, I just strapped c4 to my RC dune buggy.

  30. My guy is play remote war thunder

  31. Must added mini soldier robot and mini icbm

  32. It would be fun if they had mini shoulder fired anti tank missles…

  33. this will soon become the training school for Russian tank crews because they soon won't have any real tanks left 🇬🇧💛💙🇺🇦

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