Remote Control Tank Battle Starts -

Remote Control Tank Battle Starts

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American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum located in Danville, VA. Besides an amazing display of over 100 armored vehicles, they also feature an elaborate, miniature indoor battlefield for 1/16 scale Remote Control Tanks! Participants travel from many states to join the group event held several times a year.

The tanks are fitted with an Infra Red battle system which, when the tank receives a hit, disables it from firing and moving for a number of seconds. Each tank has a finite number of lives before it is permanently disabled until the end of the game.

**Nice Memorial Day article on the AAF Tank Museum**

AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA.


  1. Girls: “he’s probably cheating on me right now”

  2. Never saw anything like this before, but I shouldn't be surprised. Don't understand why the video is ending when they are just getting started. More importantly I didn't understand the talk about cover & concealment when basically every player can see every other player's position at the same time. Bird's eye view etc. Maybe the thing to would be for the tanks to have cameras, and a smart phone app to operate the tanks or something.

  3. YouTube algorithm lowkey showing me that am a nerd 😂

  4. Yeah his introduction of WWII is exactly what they teach you in school in Amercia lmao "First it was Germany Italy and a few other countries but at the end it was basically just America and Germany" lmfaooooo doesn't even mention Russia at all

  5. Love this. You need skill in building and maintence plus driving.

  6. I just forwarded this to all the Russian tank crews in Ukraine…they definitely need lessons.

  7. They should have installed camera in tanks, operate each tanks on a computer showing the actual battle to make it more realistic and to be more intense, the map should be covered by thick glass, and tanks shoots real ammunition.

  8. this is really cool! im hoping for the day there are mini r.c tank battles that shoot bullets or something like that in a battle bots style but with this type of layout!

  9. Imagine if they had cameras in the tanks and they could play like it was a pc game

  10. Prepare yourself for the most peaceful tank battle in the history of tank battles.

  11. Omg if I would have had one of these tanks when I was a child!

  12. Oh that’s the tank museum in Danville! I’ve been there so many times, really cool place, love it!

  13. Lol how are they supposed to communicate?

  14. so THESE men are the reason I can't get no pussy, they busy stealing it all

  15. Ohhh, if Patton, Montgomery, and Rommel were here today

  16. This is such an American thing to do 🤣 hunch if middle aged men who never grew up

  17. Why don't they just play war thunder instead??

  18. They all look exactly like what I thought they would look like just by reading the title.🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. Russia was not an Axis power! Axis powers where Germany, Italy & Japan.

  20. Like videogame but for old guys. Same same xD hehe

  21. Unmmm The USSR was never on the axis powers. They’re sole purpose was to destroy fascism.

  22. My dad and myself have flown giant scale gas powered rc planes for a long time and two years ago he started building a giant scale gas powered panzer tank and it has a .308 rifle system as the gun. It has taken him a while but should be running by this summer it weighs over a hundred pounds and is 44 inches long

  23. where are the explosions ?is this battle royal ?

  24. This is super nerdy and I'm all for it. Good clean fun

  25. I'm sorry but i fail to see the purpose of this.
    Lacking the noice, the dust, the firepower and the size of real tanks, no cameras on the tanks to make sure you only see what your tank sees, and the handling looks far from realistic as well, especially the speed. You really do see that whatever powers these things is far too powerful for that weight compared to the real things

  26. Okay so is this what happens when there’s not enough ladies around? Were there any non Y chromosome sets in there at all?

  27. Can't believe they still do this nice 👍

  28. definitely need to add cameras and operator wear POV.

  29. Lmao rip I thought I was about to see some small scale destruction

  30. This Tank Battle turned a Kids playground game from Hide and Seek to just Hide……Im officially done

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