RECOMMENDED ROBLOX TANK GAMES PART 2 #shorts #roblox #steeltitans -

RECOMMENDED ROBLOX TANK GAMES PART 2 #shorts #roblox #steeltitans

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Game: Steel Titans

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  1. That intro took 9 to 12 business days

  2. Multitank crew combat is like this but you gotta scream out orders to your vc lmao

  3. What class of steroids is that tank using

  4. Steel Titans is basically war thunder but in roblox

  5. Every mobile Player who has played steel titans on mobile gets like 3 kills every match and like 30 deaths.💀

  6. Bro got X-ray man Edit: how the hell mobile got a damn fucking Xray-

  7. This game is a very high quality so my phone can't handle it🥲

  8. I had 12 kills i was the best on server even tho in other team was some pro i was just like "am i really that good? "

  9. naw bro, stug cant pen 38t frontally and this game is just ass

  10. Why would play such a block game when you have War Thunder 💀💀💀

  11. steel titans was almost hell but I finally made it to tier 5

  12. I'll keep my war thunder, 🤣

  13. Steel titans good, but city ruins it's painful, old steel titans player, actually i played since the game had only germany and the Sturmgeschütz 42 needed 30 seconds to reload, good times

  14. lets add things up. about cursed tank simulator?

  15. Bro really hold that HE shell like its nothing💀

  16. dude tanmk is a much better and realistic game than steel titans

  17. Southeastern Navigational Line [TSW] says:

    another tank game i recommend is realistic tank simulator 2, The seats are pretty near so you don't exactly need other people, You can load and fire just fine, And if you still want a crew, The game isnt so popular so most people would also want a crew.Damage system is pretty good aswell, And the models are highly realistic, You can also play on mobile btw.

  18. Why does this resemble war thunder but without planes and ships

  19. Southeastern Navigational Line [TSW] says:

    The only realistic tank game that is actually playable in mobile

  20. Steel titans is basically War Thunder, but more painful

  21. Bro explode like crazy☠️☠️☠️

  22. I wouldnt recommend it, there are too many hackers and tryhards tha knows bugs, back then it was easier, i recommend cursed tank simulator if you have enough pacience.

  23. Just get war thunder it’s not worth it to play the clones unless you can’t get it.

  24. The most realistic tank game in roblox for sure

  25. I played this sense mobile support came out and my bt42 be drifting so hard as a fake kv2 onetime I did a 360 no scope because I was going fast and pulled out the perfect drift and shot

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