Recoil (1999 Tank Game) - Level 3 (Full HD & NO COMMENTARY) -

Recoil (1999 Tank Game) – Level 3 (Full HD & NO COMMENTARY)

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Level-3 (Thermal Meltdown) | 1080p (Full HD) | HARD difficulty | No Commentary | Windows 10 x64

This is the gameplay video for the 1998-99 PC video game Recoil, a vehicular combat tank game published by EA & developed by Zipper Interactive & Westwood Studios for Microsoft Windows. It is now considered abandonware & unfortunately not found in Steam or GOG.

History: This was one of the first 4 video games I received with my new Compaq Presario PC way back in 2001. The original CD I had was damaged after all these years so recovery was not possible. Thankfully, I was able to get a workable version from from torrents. I am posting a full gameplay video to relieve those beautiful moments from childhood & quench my nostalgia.

NOTE: I have found a way to permanently bypass the problem of CD-Audio(game music) not working unless you have a physical copy of Recoil CD in a CD Drive ie: music will work even if you use a ISO/NRG image in a virtual drive. I will post that detail shortly.

Dated: 2020-01-10 20-36-34-66
Level-3 (Thermal Meltdown)

My Rig: i5 7600 | 16GB DDR4 RAM | Zotac GTX 1060 | Windows 10 64 bit (Enterprise Edition)
Recording Software: FRAPS re-encoded using Handbrake using my custom settings.


  1. How to remove the barrier to get the pink nuke do you have any idea ?

  2. I want to play this game , but couldn't find it online anywhere. Can you please give me the torrent link?

  3. I play Recoil with my boys….. they also enjoy it.

  4. hey. great gameplay. any ideas how to get red nuke?

  5. How do you get the music working? Even with a real physical copy the music doesn't play under Windows 10.

  6. plss share me files for this game i want to play this game with music…..i tried lots of time but not able to copup this game music issue….i will be very greatful plss share me ur files @

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