Recoil [1999 Tank Game] Level 2 [NO COMMENTARY] -

Recoil [1999 Tank Game] Level 2 [NO COMMENTARY]

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Recoil is a tank shooter game made by Zipper Interactive in 1998-99. Set in the futuristic year of 2019, mankind has been taken over by a vast military AI system called ‘The Network’. A group of humans resisting the machines have chosen you, innocent video gamer player in the present (aka 1999) to pilot the Battle Force Tank (BFT) and go around, blow stuff up and destroy the evil robots.

This game is very nostalgic for me as its about the only shooter game I enjoy. I played this for hours in the 2000’s. After 10 years I finally got it to work so why not make a play-through of it?

Thanks to JMMREVIEW for providing a download & instructions on how to install & get it to work on modern PCs –


  1. I had my ears bleeding for 'ERFPG power' over and over when I played on my grandpa's PC. ahh the good times 😊

  2. Honestly, this is the campaign i hated the most, for some reason i found this one the hardest to deal with

  3. Well played fam. Brings back good memories. Yeet

  4. 24:47 remember bursting my eardrums at night & ruining my neighbor's sleep.

  5. Was one the addictive games..well the gamer is using cheat codes

  6. I want to download this game. Any link available please?

  7. "The Green Thing". That's how I always called the power plant and it was one of the most misterios things in my childhood. If I could live an eternity but spend it continuously playing a game then RECOIL is my choice. Though I would be sad it would only be an eternity… At least two would suffice for me. I love recoil! I'll keep this game and one day let my nephews play it (50 or more years from now). I am planning to keep HDDs of old data and keep them safe. A HDD librarian 🙂 who stores all the good stuff.

  8. I use to play with all cheats…just nuking every single enemy..never used my erfpg power 😂

  9. I have just installed it in openSUSE 15.2 64 bit with pcem v14 running a windows 98 machine.

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