Recoil [1999 Tank Game] - Level 1 [NO COMMENTARY] -

Recoil [1999 Tank Game] – Level 1 [NO COMMENTARY]

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Recoil is a tank shooter game made by Zipper Interactive in 1998-99. Set in the futuristic year of 2019, mankind has been taken over by a vast military AI system called ‘The Network’. A group of humans resisting the machines have chosen you, innocent video gamer player in the present (aka 1999) to pilot the Battle Force Tank (BFT) and go around, blow stuff up and destroy the evil robots.

This game is very nostalgic for me as its about the only shooter game I enjoy. I played this for hours in the 2000’s. After 10 years I finally got it to work so why not make a play-through of it?

Thanks to JMMREVIEW for providing a download & instructions on how to install & get it to work on modern PCs –


  1. Is it me or do the enemies tanks move quicker than I remember?

  2. 5:36 Given this is Zipper Interactive's engine, I imagine trying to take jumps like this at any FPS above 60 causes your tank to go crazy like in MechWarrior 3.

  3. Played this game a bit in the past, it's awesome! Kind of funny how it's almost 2019 soon, can't wait for this to be reality! 😀

  4. It’s really awesome game it does come in 4K edition.

  5. it's the year of 2019. I miss recoil, I was 6 when i first played this ToT

  6. i remember this, they got voices in game and really over did it.,

  7. Gotta love that "lifeform compression complete". Thanks for bringing back the good memories.

  8. I came to your channel to insult you, but then I saw you play this. All is forgiven. Recoil was an awesome game and classic

  9. Watching this in 2021 is a trip. God, I hope this game gets remade or at least gets something similar to it created.

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