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Raja Aur Runk

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Raja Aur Runk is the story of a prince and a pauper. Two children, born on the same day at the same time – one to the king, Raja Sahib and one to the poor man Hariya (Ajit). The king is thrilled at the birth of Yuvraj, the heir to the throne while Hariya is cynical about the birth of his son, Raja.Both the children grow up looking identical, but there is a constant contrast in their lives and upbringing. One day, Raja runs away from home and somehow ends up in the palace, where he meets Yuvraj. Both the boys discover how different their lives are. Being tempted to see the world outside, Yuvraj changes identities with Raja and leaves the palace. Both boys now struggle in vain to adjust to their new identity. Join us to know how the story unfolds.

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  1. Bahot khoob itna achcha movie ✌👍🙏🙏🙏❤❤😊😊@Om Sai Nath@

  2. Verry nice movies verry nice all songs aaj ke jamane esy movie kaha aati hai thanks rajshri

  3. The movie is based on the prince and beggers reaction how begger become a prince and how prince becomes a begger, my mummy always use to watch this movie only, so she always gets emotional and inspired😄

  4. The prince and the pauper movie by Mark Twain just like that

  5. Jai mahtari bap dulhin ki mobile number hai 9565522216

  6. One of the best movies I had ever seen really

  7. Super movie and acting by sanjivji and both child actor

  8. I saw this movie in 1968. Seeing it again in 2020 – after 52 years – awesome. I was in 7th then. Thanks to whosoever uploaded this movie.

  9. I really like old Hindi movies but there is no Indonesian

  10. I saw this 1977 hi again sar after 43 years

  11. Super movie hi yar thank you from diractor

  12. 2020 main koun koun dekh raha hai one like

  13. Old is Gold 👍JAI HO satya sanatan Vedik Dram kee 🙏🙏🚩🌷

  14. This is the 'Bahubali' of 1968 with great sets, must have been a costly film.

  15. Ye movie abi abi apni maa ke sath dekh kar utha hu aur pta hai meri maa jab b ye Maa wala gana sunti hai unke ako m asu aa jate hai.. 🖤

  16. माँ से बढकर कोई दिल💜❤ नही
    माँ कि ममता सबसे न्यारी है
    जो माँ से प्यार करते है
    वो मेरे कमेंट को लाइक करे
    I Love you mom

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