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Quick Look | Panzer Elite aka First Battalion (2006) a fun tank game

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… Before we start talking about this game , lets review its DRM … its funny , if you ask what so funny about it, well … every time this game auto saves, it checks the Core.dll to check from what thing you installed this game … if its not from 2 cds , but from a HDD or DVD … or steam… it spits out a Error 997 , that in some nations , is the Police Station Phone number haha… the problem also happens if your installing this game on a 64bit system … from Vista and Up … or if suddenly , you have to many media drives on your system … or the CD media letter suddenly moves place … or the CD is not in the drive … People nagged “too bad Zootfly had to be a party popper an put on it a DRM that did not cared if you would want to play this again in 10 years+”

The thing was , it was easy to counter … if you knew what you where doing…

By the way , in the end they re-released this game with its two add-ons , as Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition … in 2014

But for those that got this game from Cover Game Magazines or bought it back in 2006 … lets just say , people where trading the steam 2014 Core.dll left and right … haha … with “Why i have to shell 10$ for a drm-fee game I already own !!! Why this is not a free compatibility patch ???”

So you get through it, and then … its Physics engine hits you , that was designed with a 4:3 Fov ratio, then 16:9… but you go around that … still tree rendering is funky …

But , when you get it to work , its a Fun and addicting ARCADE game … not like some *ehm* will nag its not a realistic sim … and talk trash about its tank models , or the wheels that don’t turn correctly etc…

If you ask about the video quality well … this game had heavy amounts of Bloom and motion blur … that the VP9 of YT downgrades to mush


  1. Any chance you could show off some Zelenhgorm: Land of the Blue Moon? Like, 30-40 minutes maybe?

  2. and its kinda sad … that to this day there is no other game like this on the market … and no that tank MMO with ammo for $$$ does not count …

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