playing wii play tanks for the first time... -

playing wii play tanks for the first time…

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playing wii play tanks for the first time…
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  1. 0:37 that man on the bottom left can be seen in the video where alfonso's first apperance takes place. vinny i think his name is

  2. How to suck at life:
    1) Be Poofsure.
    2) Play Wii Tanks.

  3. how does he find all the other modes so boring i loved all of them and then tanks!! how does he find it so easy the first time whaaaaaaat

  4. You haven't play wii play until 2019? Bruh (good video btw) 🙂

  5. Is it sad that I’m watching this video on New Years when the clock literally changes over

  6. you can place mines with b and destroy certain walls

  7. seeing people get humbled by wii tanks is my guilty pleasure

  8. how did he do so good on the first run💀😭

  9. i’ve played the “find the odd mii” game for the past couple years with my sibling, they still to this day DO NOT know how to find the odd mii, they ask me everytime and now they think i’m probably hacking lmao

  10. German tigers attempting to destroy waves upon waves of T-34s in Stalingrad. Circa 1942. Colorized.

  11. I forget to press like on some of Poofesure’s and Troydan’s videos

  12. The Green kills him once and and goes "HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD"

  13. 0:09 maybe you formatted the save file, that’s why it’s telling you that

  14. "This is so easy I'm a God you guys a trolling" literally on the first couple levels. that aged well ya bot

  15. Love how he was shitting on the tank difficulty for the first 9 levels and raging four levels later

  16. 12:41 These guys are just having B*tts*x in the corner

    I DIED LAUGHING 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

  17. About how many levels there are there’s 20 not 10 in the normal game there’s 20 but when you re-join do realize there’s anymore also no cussing and also just try again that’s what I do I’m fine with theRepeating levels you just need to calm down and try again

  18. Ngl that stupid hockey game is actually stupid as fuck I never had a good time with my wiimote and the sensor bar just never lined up at all

  19. I still have Wii Play, I’m definitely gonna play it again. It’s been a good while since I last played Tanks😁

  20. This man just shit on my whole childhood

  21. Wait until you discover that there’s 20 levels. And after that, you play it again but there’s 100 levels

  22. How did bro make it further than I ever have first try

  23. I freakin loved playin this game with my cousin when I was younger.

  24. I love this game LMAO it's funny to see someone get so mad

  25. There's 20 levels for the first playthrough. After that it is 100 levels.

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