Playing the 5 WEIRDEST tank games on STEAM (help) -

Playing the 5 WEIRDEST tank games on STEAM (help)

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Today I have decided to look at something else than War Thunder…
The 5 WEIRDEST Tank Games I managed to find on Steam!
I thought World of Tanks had Made-Up Tanks but this is another level my dudes..

Anyway, link to all the Games (In Order):

Modern Assault Tanks:

Battle Tanks Legends of WW2:

Modern Tanks:

Tank Force:

Metal Waltz:

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  1. The funny thing is, Modern Tanks, Modern Tanks Assault, BT Legends of WWII and Tank Force are all made by the same publisher. I played them all for some time, except for Modern Tanks assault

  2. "what if we polish our game ?"

    -No, ctrl+C/ctrl+V ×3"

  3. make a GHPC video NOW

    or ill put a pipebomb in your house

  4. Bro you don't need help you already drowned 😂

  5. I think the world of tanks equivalent for modern tanks is armoured warfare.

  6. Deserve more views, cmon youtube algo do ur thing!!!

  7. I think Cursed tank simulator (on Roblox) are better than all of them

  8. first game was called Armada few years ago

  9. why does she keep asking you when you want breakfast?

    (also Hi Hero how you doing?)

  11. Oh yea when i saw MetalWaltz i alredy knew why you wrote help in tumbnail,since i played that game aaaaaaaand i was very dissapointed at it .

  12. Tank Force was the first tank game i ever played XD it was quit fun back then. but compared to WoT and War Thunder it just looks weird xD

  13. "the warthunder playerbase is so frustrated and only plays it because there is no alternative, if only an alternative game was made everyone would abandon WT"

    The alternative games: 💀

  14. "weirdest tank games" and didnt cover panzer knight smh !

  15. *tanmk CEO Intensifies(Maxinum Overdrive)*

  16. Most of the actually good tank games focus on WW2 tanks. Personally, I really don't care about WW2 era tanks, I vastly prefer modern.

  17. The last game forgot to add gameplay😆

  18. The metal waltz one are equivalent with azur lane and Kancolle, it's basically what if we make tank waifu😂

  19. Me: I wonder if all of these are made by the same publisher

    >They all have the same voice acting

  20. I doubt anyone will see my comment, but i recomend Panzer Knights. It's not a hidden gem but i think it's worth checking out.

    Basically play trough WW2 from the German perspective

  21. dunno how to phrase this but, you should add sprocket to next video

  22. Wtf for the selection of 2 new tanks there are cold war chinese jeep, wtf?

  23. I'm surprised to see Metal Waltz on my feed again, let alone Sophie, this bring back early Kancolle memories.

  24. The tank you played in the first game (the BWP-40) was actually real

  25. as a long time player of metal waltz, yes that's how the game works

  26. Hey dude please make sure the audio's better balanced next time.

  27. i mean theres uh… armored bltiz, which is another anime tank game, but it has 3d models and you play it similar to clash royale but pve with manually made maps, too bad the game went out of service not too long ago, i genuinely enjoyed it because the gameplay is actually great, plus theres the Nutaku version

  28. Some of my favorite arcade tank games:
    -Recoil(1999): Old but gold, the best futuristic arcade tank game in my opinion, it's an abandonware, you can get it anywhere.

    -Panzer Elite Action: This one pains me the most, doesn't run on Windows 10 past 2004 features update and windows 11, my favorite WW2 arcade tank game, I got it for $1, so I won't refund it, maybe a fix will drop one day.

    -Tokyo Warfare Turbo: The sequel to Tokyo Warfare and it's mainly a multiplayer game with different game modes but can be played in single player, the early access version was free so I got it, then the dev charged money for the full release, but it's yours to keep if you got it in the EA phase.

    -Infinite tanks: It's a nice arcade tank game with a campaign any many single player and multiplayer modes, not fan of needing a constant internet connection to use the customization feature, just like the new hitman games.

  29. Metal waltz genuinely concerns me zat there was a man zat made a loli Sherman for what ever TF reason

  30. I would suggest looking at Armored Warfare. It is a hybrid between World of Tanks and War Thunder.

  31. Someone hit me with a fokker aircraft

  32. 7:29 the fact that Churchill IV is at TIER 9 while IS-1 underneath it is insane

    Also M4 Sherman is on top of T-44????

  33. Watching this video reminds me of how there really isnt any game like warthunder

  34. I like how you can skip the "identity verification" on the metal waltz

  35. War thunder literally better than world of tanks.

  36. There's this ultimate tank game called "Girls und Panzer"

  37. in the anime game the real battle was understanding the interface

  38. Tanki Online+ World of tanks= Modern Assult Tanks

  39. Check out Panzer knights next time. Game looks silly but suprisingly too fun.

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