playing gerand tank game for 28minutes -

playing gerand tank game for 28minutes

Haziq Rayyan Gaming
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  1. I have played that game too I have meet same bosses in game

  2. I have 1k player thing idk or more and I don’t have t 35

  3. Геранд русский

  4. Nama player di game ku nama ku player gerand

  5. Hey are you from Indonesia because that comercial using Indonesian language

  6. I like how gerand just copied hills of tanks because it's soo simple to code it.btw Im not roasting him,I'm just saying.

  7. Нурбеков Арсен 8А Класс says:

    Это игра в стиле геранда

  8. its easy hack this game why u want complicate earning money if u can hack it?

  9. You not worthy of this Russian game!

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