Persian Children's Game: Paper Tank Game (بازی تانک کاغذی) -

Persian Children’s Game: Paper Tank Game (بازی تانک کاغذی)

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This seems to be a more free form version of Battleship. We’re not sure you’d want to play it with anyone that takes things too seriously given how much freedom you have when setting up the play field. 😉

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  1. we used to play this when im in grade 4! 😂

  2. We used to play this game in Arizona, US as elementary school kids in the early 70's (No Electronics)

  3. i love the mechanics of this game, but we have enough war and pain in this world to not teach war to our kids. lets try to invent with other figures. like the dots could be kisses 😉 <3

  4. We had this game when I was in elementary school back in the 1970s. It works with pencils as well.

  5. the shot looks like it hit the tracks or the gears

  6. Now I remember how to play this game! You helped both alot! SUBSCRIBE!!!

  7. my son drawed a mutaned and he said it was too strong but i won and secon round he drawed somthing like the flash he drawed and he beat me beacause he like zoomed me and he won the game

  8. just draw all your units far away from the folding seam and draw them really really small LOL

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