Pavlov VR | Tank Gameplay, Mechanics, Shooting and Driving Showcase (Pavlov VR WWII Update Gameplay) -

Pavlov VR | Tank Gameplay, Mechanics, Shooting and Driving Showcase (Pavlov VR WWII Update Gameplay)

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On Hold For You by Kevin MacLeod

My Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X @ default clock /w Wraith RGB
GPU: ASUS RoG STRIX RTX 2080 TI @ Stock Clock
RAM: 32 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4
MOBO: ASUS RoG Strix X570-E
PSU: Corsair Vengeance 750M 750W 80 Plus Silver-rated
M.2 (boot): 1TB Samsung 860 EVO M.2
HDD: 1TB & 2TB Seagate Hybrids
SSD: 1TB Samsung V-NAND 860 EVO
Case: Coolermaster Masterbox Pro RGB

Fan: Lasko T48312C
Cans: Sennheiser PXC550
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020 XLR
Mixer: Behringer U-Phoria UMC22
Pop Filter: Auphonix
KB&M: Logitech G410 and G900
Monitor: LG34WK500-P @ 75Hz, generic LG above that is tilted 45 degrees downwards, and a LG25WK500-P in portrait mode for chat and reddit. All are on Vivo mounts.
Webcam: Logitech c920 @ 30fps
Tablet: osu! Official Tablet (final version) @ 1.32 in-game sensitivity.
HMD: Valve Index /w Knuckles @ 120Hz

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 (Galaxy Black) 128GB

Recording: OBS 64-bit and Nvidia Shadowplay
Editing: Vegas Pro 14.0 (rendering at 2560×1080, 60FPS, 50Mbps bitrate)

Beat Saber Settings:
SaberTailor: MN grip.
Full resolution in fullscreen (2560×1080, main monitor resolution).
Camera+ FoV: 95
Camera+ Offset: -0.32
Camera+ “Smoothness”: ~0.7


  1. Iam a big War Thudner player and tank lover. I was really hoping for a long time now someone would make something like this for vr. I hope dev keeps woking on tanks and gives them more interactivity. For new update this looks good.

  2. All right…they are just flexing at Respawn now lol.

  3. I can’t wait for for a good WW2 vr game and I’m glad it will be Pavlov

  4. cant wait to jump over.. looking through the vent… and say "fire in the hole"

  5. The "firewood" on the side of the tank is really a jack block to go under the jack.

  6. Is this actually Pavlov, cause I thought this game is just CS:GO in VR. haven't played in a long time, so I guess things have changed.

    Edit: I've done some research and boi was I amazed

  7. ok so, im gonna play this game forever now. its basically the best idea ever. please add bf 109 s and P47s and it'll be awsome, i always wished to have a Hell let losse VR version and its done…

  8. The internals are all wrong but this is a great start!

  9. Sadly, I only have a Quest 2 which only handles Pavlov Shack which is like some kind of beta version. I wish the WWII update came out for it.

  10. I would like to see an actual tank crew try this out

  11. Now they need to add the Commander with the Cupola MG and binoculars.

  12. So I did some research and that German tank was part of the 22nd Panzer division. You can tell by looking at the yellow insignia at the front of the Panzer. Many may confuse that with the 12th due to their insignias being almost completely identical, only the 22nd had theirs at an angle while the 12th had it straight up. Here is some history on them:

    Officially formed on 25 September 1941 in France the division was initially equipped with obsolete Czech, French and German tanks.[1]

    The 22nd Panzer Division was sent to the Eastern Front in February 1942. After an initial disastrous attack on 20 March, in which the division's units lost 30-40% of their personnel, the division remained in the Crimea and took part in Manstein's Unternehmen Trappenjagd (Operation Bustard Hunt). In May 1942, the division was sent north to the Kharkov area and then took part in the 1942 summer offensive against Soviet forces in the Don River bend leading to the Battle of Stalingrad. The 22nd fought in the Battle of Rostov in July 1942.[2]

    Together with the 1st Romanian Armoured Division (equipped with the also obsolete R2, similar to Panzer 35(t)), the 22nd Panzer Division comprised the XXXXVIII Panzer Corps and was next tasked with defending the northern flank of the ill-fated German 6th Army at Stalingrad. Lieutenant General Ferdinand Heim was the corps commander.

    On November 19, 1942, Operation Uranus began. The great Soviet counter-offensive encircled the German 6th Army and much of the 4th Panzer Army and smashed the XXXXVIII Panzer Corps, including the 22nd Panzer Division. Many of the division's tanks had been parked in dugouts for an extended period of time and protected from the frost by straw. When the tanks were called on to respond to the Soviet offensive, many could not be started because mice had sought refuge in the straw and then in the tanks where they chewed up the insulation of electric system wires. The ability of the division to put up effective resistance was also compromised by the prior piecemeal deployment of division assets to shore up the Romanian line.[2]

    According to Beevor, the division had as few as 30 serviceable Panzer 38t's with which to meet the onslaught of the T-34s of the Soviet 1st Tank Corps. Contradictory orders directing the panzers in two different directions only aggravated an already hopeless situation.

    After desperate fighting around the Russian town of Petshany 19–22 November 1942, the 22nd was virtually destroyed with survivors making their way southwest to and across the river Chir to join various ad hoc Kampfgruppen. For its part, the Romanian 1st Armored Division lost 60% of its combat strength and crossed the Chir River with only nineteen of its original eighty four serviceable R-2s. The 22nd Panzer Division was subsequently disbanded in April 1943.[2]

    General Heim of the XXXXVIII Panzer Corps was relieved of command and retired in disgrace, only to be recalled to active duty in 1944 to command the hopeless defense of Boulogne, France.

  13. This is a stunning addition to the game but I can’t lie I am high-key disappointed that you can’t use the spinny things to turn the turret

  14. How do I play the ww2 version of pavlov?? Do I need to download something on sidequest?? Sry if it's too obvious I havent checked lol

  15. 7:07 thats a panzer 3 with that tiny gun. also panzer 4 have a bigger turret.

  16. How do you play with a sherman? every game mode i play its always either russian tanks or german tanks. Even if you are on the american team it gives you russian tanks. Help?

  17. wished world of tanks were like this, several players in each tanks

  18. My pc handles every game perfectly fine but for some reason it can’t handle tanks in Pavlov and I’m not sure why

  19. Him in driver: good
    Him in gunner: bored
    Him in tank rocket: monkey sounds

  20. Question, when you talk can the opposing team hear you? Or just your team mates? Thanks.

  21. This video looks like working on some shots of espresso because of starbucks music

  22. Pavlov should add helicopters with machine guns on them

  23. Oh you need to press the grip button on your vr hand thingy

  24. "why do they have a wheel up here thats kind of weird"
    He said while examining the tank, completely ignoring the rotation wheels for the tracks

  25. Gonna try this game in real life
    ⚠the game cant resppawn⚠

  26. I get a quest 1 on the 17th, ive tried regular pavlov on my mates vr before but i csnt fucking wait to do the tanks

  27. when i started playing you now have to manually load and close the breach and turn the dials and push the firing button to fire the shell it's crazy but fun and super realistic

  28. Tanks got updated this video is no longer accurate

  29. im on pavlov steam link but i dont know how to get tanks oof

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