Panzer Front: PS1 tank simulator -

Panzer Front: PS1 tank simulator

Alehop Fren
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Played on Windows 10 using ePSXe and a Dualshock 4 because I can’t figure out how to run it on my PS2


  1. Was just watching War Thunder and remembered this. Had to compare my memory to current 😁

  2. If you want it to run on PS2, press the power button twice fast (restart twice)

  3. I wish they remade this game along time ago for ps2 and so on.

  4. real time stradegy game. it was very good its age time

  5. Man, I love this game so much! It is like "World of Tanks" in 2001. 😀 So much memories.

  6. DAM you got NUKED right at the end my fellow Tank Commander / Brother In Arms / Brother In Armor, You DIED Valorously and Valorently in Battle and your Brothers In Arms / Brothers In Armor, We all will always Remember you and ALL YOUR FEATS YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED AND YOU HAVE COMPLETED IN YOUR LONG CAREER AS ONE OF US A TANK COMMANDER WHILE YOU WHERE ALIVE AND KICKING IT AND ROLLING ON TO YOUR NEXT ACCOMPLISHMENT, You deserve all the MEDALS you will get and the ones you've already have gotting and the valor you will receive, Your Family is absolutely proud of you young Sir, your dad could not have asked for a better son and your Son you so sadly have left behind will hang up all your awards and trophies and medals up in his room with your picture of you and all your squad mates and all of your valorent medals you had earned and ALL your TROPHIES you've earned in your amazingly long career you've had while you where a young and able man and alive breathing and rolling about in your armored home to protect that witch you love and your family and your home country and the u.s.of a. and your life's campaign made you into a TRUE HERO, Your son is so proud of you and looks up to you, A TRUE HERO was stopped in his tracks way to early in your career that of witch you where in your prime you are one of the TRUE HEROES and everyone will look up to you from this point on my brother and soon your son will become one really great man and I know he will strap on your old boots and take your name and tanks and continue in your rolling tracks right where you had been stopped and continue right where you had left off and become an even more well known tank commander and surpass you in every way and he will do to make you proud of your son while you look down upon him from the heavens and he will become a true legend of a hero and both of you are heroes everyone will want to become R.I.P My Brother In Arms /Brother In Armor

  7. You can also play the game as a German soldier. That does not happen often anymore.

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