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Object 279 (e) – The Strongest Monster in the Game – World of Tanks

World of Tanks Best Replays
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Like: 450
Endgame Medals Received: Radley-Walters’ Medal, High Caliber, Top Gun

Game Statistics:
Map: Live Oaks
Player: _Softie [TREAD]
Damage: 10072
Damage blocked by armor: 2050

The Object 279 early is a Soviet tier 10 premium heavy tank.

An early variant of a blueprint project for a high crossing capacity heavy tank with a new configuration scheme. Developed in 1947–1948 by L. S. Troyanov. This vehicle was to feature a low four-track engine, mounted on longitudinal beams that also served as fuel tanks, considerably reducing the chance of fire. These solutions provided high crossing capacity and survivability: the tank could continue moving even with damaged tracks. The placement of the hull above the suspension allowed for a large fighting compartment, and as a result, increased ammunition and an improved autoloader mechanism for a high rate of fire. A functional prototype was manufactured in 1948.

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  1. I love playing with 279 anf 907 its a next level pleasure

  2. Good play, but enemy team were proper noobs, specially fv and jag

  3. When will they buff it? The FV penetrated him.

  4. The owners of those cars are gonna be upset about their cars being "pancaked" by that tank.

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