Obj. 277: Game for the "3rd star" on the gun-barrel - World of Tanks - panicarts.com

Obj. 277: Game for the “3rd star” on the gun-barrel – World of Tanks

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Obj. 277: Game for the “3rd star” on the gun-barrel – World of Tanks
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The Obj. 277 is a Soviet tier 10 heavy tank.
The Obj. 277 marks the end of its Soviet heavy tank line.
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Battle Stats:
Object 277
Damage: 11523
Frags: 9
Blocked damage: 3400
Assist damage: –

Medals: 11
Ace Tanker, Bruiser, Fire for Effect, Hand of God, Arsonist, Duelist, Shellproof, Radley-Walters’ Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun,

Mods used for the replay recordings: aslains modpack from wgmods(dot)net
World of Tanks

If You want to send me your replay please use this email (hlpwotreplays-at-gmail-com)
I consider only replays with secret (exclusive) link .
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  1. What equipment do you have in the tank? please answer nice video

  2. Nice video, nice to see all your destruction. 🙂

  3. And who played the game?not the person with 1303 wn8 like shown in begining

  4. Dude got spoonfed the dumbest enemy team and a full hp afk

  5. sehr gut gemacht 277 👍👍👍👍glhf

  6. Хороший бой.Класный русский танк

  7. Does the 277 really have 490 alpha, bro felt like hitting for 440. Yet he achieved that score

  8. imagine he was a bit smart and used HE on 122 TM

  9. Nice to see a skilled player that doesn't just spam gold!

  10. Играет не хозяин аккаунта желтый бот с 1300 вн8 так не играют

  11. Просто кто то кому отметки делает

  12. Бустят аккаунт, рыжие так не играют,видно профи игрок

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