New Tank Simulation Game | GHPC - Gunner, HEAT, PC! -

New Tank Simulation Game | GHPC – Gunner, HEAT, PC!

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The tank game you’ve been waiting for

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It’s a weird time for fans of modern tank combat games. The straight-shooting simulator titles from the turn of the millennium are no more, replaced by free-to-play games with modern vehicles locked behind aggressive pricing or absurd playtime. As tank nerds, we need a game that gets right to the good stuff – modern tanks, realistic system and damage models, and a focus on fun over all.

With Gunner, HEAT, PC! they aim to make that dream a reality.

No more staring at locked MBTs in your progression tree and wondering if you’ll ever get to play them. No more spending industry prices to buy industry simulators just for a taste of something worthy. We’re making a great tank game because that’s what we want to play.

Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. They won t die if you don´t hit, hehe!

  2. To be fair war thunder in its sim mode is a pretty good arcadey sim game. Realistic/Arcade are abominations where planes can just point the mouse to fly. But other than that, what do we have for WW2 sims? IL-2 does look interesting though for tanks, already played its planes which are very good. But, more tank games is only a good thing!

  3. I cant keep watching, that motion blur kills me 🙄

  4. Okay I'm trying to do the no nut November challenge, you posting videos about armored vehicles not helping me.
    Joking aside this game looks awesome

  5. Can't wait till this game is completed, I did some on it a while back, can't wait

  6. What's that intro/outro song? Sounds really cool 🙂

  7. If I'm now wrong, one of their developer used to be a tanker

  8. Matamius this video. "Death to Engines!"

  9. The paid version plays very differently than the old pre-alpha. completely different

  10. Title should have said old tank simulator

  11. A tank simulator, with a 3rd person view. yup seems legit

  12. Tank skin's are good and terrain. Fx seem OK. I think steering deffo needs work, and turret rotation. Also you wouldn't be able to fire the 50 or coax sustained. Otherwise I'd say its looking promising.

  13. Just wondering, have you tried IL2 and their Tanks? And if yes what are your thoughts about it?

  14. Steel Armor Blaze of War never gets any love. That game rocks.

  15. Let's just hope it's better than warthunder

  16. I hope for the best. This game will smash other tank games when its ready, thumbs up.

  17. GHPC…. What War Thunder COULD be in their SB mode (Deepest level an Entey Level Simulator game could go without forcing players to invest in DEDICATED controller setups for the vehicles (Aircraft, Tanks and Naval vessels), albeit aircraft are still a crap to use and thus DO require an aircraft controller setup to work even if just the basic ones of a joystick + some control buttons/pedals) IF it wasn't a game under the wings of Failjin….
    Sure…. I would pay 60 USD…. For the WHOLE FUCKING CONTENT THE GAME HAS unlocked by default.

    It's clear to see WHY these so nice and shinny games are so POORLY managed….

    You can't EVER find a Studio with developers that's located in RUSSIA that's not:
    Full out JERKASSES
    Outright LACKING qualifications in a DOZEN KEY AREAS OF GAME DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT (some: Level/Map design; Ergonomics (aka "make sure to NOT force a player to have eight hands, twelve keyboards and four PCs to run twenty Macros for button binding management"), Player Experience, QUALITY ASSURANCE….)
    Having no concept of PROFESSIONALISM or at least DECENT capacity to handle PR (tip: Don't go run a stream event even if only for Russian players if you and your pal can't stay professional and AVOID PUBLICLY DISSING and SLANDERING players just because of a HARMLESS QUESTION)….

    I can say that after FOUR GAMES made BY RUSSIAN SHITTERS, i am DONE WITH them, there's a LEVEL OF CRAP PATTERN in these developers that's unbelievable, they can be all of that, but a good gake Developer is an impossible task

  18. At this point I don't really care how realistic it is, as long as they have some bloody competitive balance.

  19. damn, dint knew it existed…Im so done with WOT…looking for something new..IL tank crew looks great as well

  20. Why does it not look anything like the screenshots? And alot arcadey?

  21. Bro I'm so ready to stab Gaijin in the back and jump ship to this, since they don't care about feedback or the player base

  22. Hmm, damage model doesn't seem to be realistic at all… Direct hit by APFSDS at side and target is still going?

  23. Steel beasts is a travesty. Like truly, truly awful. You have to wonder if it started out life on a commodore 64…and then they kill it and charge huge amounts for… nvm. Travesty.
    Gunner UP.

  24. Why do you apply manual lead?
    If it has a ballistic computer (M1A1 not SEP), it should apply the lead. the gunner simply refers to his sight bringing the GPS back to center mass and fires, does this game do that?

  25. Im looking for a tank game that lets us players coop in a single tank as commander, gunner, driver, loader, radio operator, etc. So far I have found non, they all have autonomous crews. I would love to see something like that some time, if you guys know of a game that has that plz tell me where, I have been craving for something like that since forever.

  26. ARMA3 Global Mobilization has the best tank combat I've seen.

  27. definalty a nice game and on unity wow looks great i like to see this everywhere!!!

  28. So as an actual retired tanker on the Abrams series tanks..lasing to your target and getting the range will automatically induce the correct lead into firing solution for a hit, all the gunner has to do is *track the target while the ballistic computer does all the hard work, like ammo temperature, wind direction and speed, wither or not the tank is moving and or turret being slew at a fast rate, barometric pressure and ambient temperature..and all you have to do is track the target and fire center mass!!

  29. You should try out this game again: It has changed a lot

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