New T-34 🤔 #Shorts -

New T-34 🤔 #Shorts

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#shorts #enlisted #warthunder #Tank
Hans found new T-34


  1. Tiger 1, Tiger 2, strummer Emil, Nashorn, and 88cm flak truck

  2. German: My Panzer is Best😎
    Russia: Do you want feel the Stalinium, comrade?

  3. Hans with 3 packages of explosives: Ok, and?

  4. у меня тож такое было в 4 классе (в германии если че) училка проходила через меня чтобы окно открыть, и терлась своими формами об меня, хз как на это реагировать

  5. Da-daym that t 34 got them cheeks do they grip do they slip or I'm going to need motor oil??

  6. Is it just me or do I actually want this to be in the game

  7. This is no longer a T-34
    This is AT-34
    Anyone who has watched Star Wars will understand

  8. Наконесто свершилось!!! Робот-34😂😂😂

  9. Im disappointed I wasn't there for that event

  10. Мечтать не вредно

  11. Is it me or the T-34 has the juiciest thighs evet?

  12. T34 on steroids 💀💀☠️☠️

  13. War thunder and Iron harvest had a child and that’s what came out

  14. Путешественник во времени:
    Двигает стул*
    Как изменилось прошлое:

  15. Yo, is this mods are real cause? I want to learn how to do this on my enlisted

  16. T-34/X1B is a Soviet modified T-34 On a mech legs and mass produces in late 1946 for against german die uberwaffe Pzkmpft IV. Ausfuhrung 1A

  17. stalingrads tractor plant came up with smth new

  18. No Panzer 4s are harmed in this video 💀💀💀

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