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can it?
owned! this game is kinda of like world of tanks is in terms of quality lol



  1. "Can your PC handle it?"
    My mobile phone : no

  2. Idk I got like a 40 – 55 Fps (on max graphics) it's kinda decent for me, though the graphics are beautiful for a Roblox game!

  3. 9/10 game, cool textured meshes, alot of mechanics, really good optimization (my pc can run it perfect 240 fps at 10/10 graphics and high games graphics), hexed one point off of perfect score cuz the levelling system is boring & spawns kinda trash sometimes.

  4. 15 วชิรวุฒิ สิงห์คํา Cheems says:

    War thunder+world of tank.

  5. Plsss give me robux may name is buboypogiburoto

  6. 2 out of 10 compared to steel titans check that game out,

  7. It isnt like war thunder where it has some cool tank physics
    But man the accurate thing is that i cant run even on ultra lowest graphics

  8. World of tanks has been real quiet when this came out

  9. Fun fact: People joke about their PC can't run it. But it runs fine in mobile fun.

  10. World of tank blitz go downtown is free to play in PC end phone

  11. so ez
    Core 2 duo with R7 200 with 2 ram run it on 300 ping

  12. Fun fact the Sherman firefly was a British version

  13. I play on Xbox one s so mine can handle it

  14. high T tank just get a light tank and run around him

  15. Check out steel titans. It’s this but more realistic with less lag.

  16. Im have potato pc, but 40 fps at max graphic in this game

  17. John just to let you know steel titan’s have way more graphic’s and a experimental graphic

  18. lol just got a world of tanks ad before this vid

  19. One shot here I think it is Ammo Racking I think

  20. You know what to do when a KV-2 appears
    Call in the maus
    No not a mouse a maus

  21. The Sherman firefly stands no chance against the KV-2

  22. As a WoT and War Thunder player
    I literally lost all my brain cells because how the armour and crew works of this game is non-existed.

  23. I was able to handle it easy on ipad

  24. Imo, this game seems comparable at most to World of Tanks… Blitz.
    Edit: I say this in not all aspects, but the fact that you can play it in mobile and the HP system are similarities in both games.

  25. I also find it weird that people are comparing this to War Thunder in that the game has a literal HP system.

  26. "I don't understand how a gun can kill a tank."

    Barrett: motherfuck

  27. My samsung can play it smother then my pc not kiding

  28. I have a shitty PC but that game still works decently on it.

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