Name the ____, Get Cash 💰 -

Name the ____, Get Cash 💰

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Name the ____, Get Cash 💰

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  1. My answers were
    1. Mortal Kombat
    2. FaZe
    3. Daquan

  2. How did Grady not say Deyy?? He’s literally on NRG

  3. Him:name a streamer with the letter d

  4. Minecraft,idk,dream

    Ik I'm weird 🙂

  5. Is it just me or the first question was so easy bruh like fucking modern warfare

  6. He turned into joe Biden 3 times and then turned back to normal

  7. Е̴͙́Я̸̓̕Я̸̌̔О̴́̇Я̷͆̏ says:

    First of all Its not "mario" its "super mari bros" stfu if u don't know anything about gaming

  8. "Give the money back."
    "You don't remember the agreement? This is staged"

  9. I know one game starts with m mortal combat

  10. I answered all the , faster than these two clowns . Send me my money plz

  11. DA DA DA DA DA DU DU DA DU UH DOCTER DISREPECT lag be like in real life.

  12. On the last one I said dr disrespect to

  13. Max payne, Fatal1ty, Don't know streamer names lol.

  14. Mario is not a game. He is a video game character.

  15. The Streamer that I thought of with a D was Darkviperau

  16. “Name a game with the letter M”

    Minecraft 🤦‍♂️

  17. Thought he was gonna say dantdm

  18. bro there’s no Mario…. There’s Minecraft 😏

  19. Name a game with a letter M
    Me: thinks of monopoly
    Him: MARIO?
    cameraman: Correct!

  20. I wish to hire John Wick to stab me in both of my eyes with a pencil to make me stop seeing this cringe

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