My First Impressions on The New Free Tank! (for Everyone) | World of Tanks -

My First Impressions on The New Free Tank! (for Everyone) | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks, WoT, 1.23.0 patch

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  1. 😂😂😂😂 I really had a good time watching this video!!!

  2. WG: Let's plague high tier matchmaking, let's give players who probably shouldn't be at tier 9, a tier 9 🤬

  3. Artificially pumping log in numbers. Obviously.

  4. The turret is literally pos version of Rene

  5. This tank is nothing more than a re-skinned Renegade with minor changes to it's stats, some better and some worse. That's all WG does now, they take a tank and reskin it and make stat changes and call it whatever given whatever research they did given what US tanks were on the drawing board for that time period.
    Patton the Tank (originally M48A2/T54E2/T123E6) got massively overnerfed when moved to tier 9.
    Lastly, the only reason I can think of that WG would give us this FREE TANK with such suck ass stats at Tier 9 is with all the community bitchin how OP the BZ-176 is at Tier 8.

  6. Dovanotam arkliui į dantis nežiūrima. Geriausia frazė kuri puikiai tinka šiam tankui 😀

  7. I mean I agree with the fact that it's a free gift, and there's no reason to be mad about it. But what I can't understand is…. Why? WG spent resources to pay developers and designers to make this tank. So they could give it for free and then nobody plays it? What's the point? When you look at it from the business POV, this is just an unnecessary expense from WG which doesn't accomplish anything. It's just flushing money down the toilet for them. So again…………………… Why??!

  8. Free is free. Wg super generous this yrs. Glad it’s not some t5 garage queen

  9. Reminds me of that other POS tank they gave us the T54 Hevey Tank. I think they just reskinned it and called it the Patton Tank.

  10. I'll stick to my panther 88 thank you..

  11. This is disgusting bro, you have account like this! 31 million free xp !? 11+ perk crew ? Bhaa… Sure you payed this much… invested this much.. its not a rigged acc from wg at all right ? Also really enjoying how you play, move the tank and turn the turret at the same time with one hand… lol…

  12. If it is not premium. Just collecting dust in garage.

  13. i sold it for 1000. best deal every since i play wot😬

  14. Some of yall are crazy, i really enjoy playing it

  15. How can you look a gift horse in the mouth? I will probably never bother to load this up and play it so I don't know what I'll do with it. I'm more excited about my Pnz IV, it's on par with it's tier, looks cool and is historic (that matters to some of us). Frankly I almost find it insulting, WG gives a shit tank and we're supposed to pee in our pants with excitement. Once the dust settles NOBODY will play this. It has shit DPM, armor, accuracy and gun handling. Pen is acceptable. I'd be a lot more excited if they buffed the tech tree Patton to the pen values this has. Sure it will train a crew but I'd rather play my Patton KR and that is a weak tank. So thanks WG, seriously lame.

  16. This tank is an insult and should be deleted from the game. It’s not worth the space it’s parked in and has literally no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I think you were far too kind in this review, you should have done nothing but lambast it throughout the review and should have told Wargaming to hang their heads in shame. Reject this insult. Clans should ban anyone who drives it, anyone who pretends to have enjoyment from this awful piece of sh*t do not deserve to share the same game as us. This thing is an abortion with no armour, no gun, and no speed. It is the opposite of a gift, it’s an insult.

  17. shooting on the run worked well with this tank

  18. Get ready to buy new very overpowered tier 9 Premium tanks! Only 12-15000 Gold.

  19. Well this tank is so bad any tier 8 can fight it 1 Vs 1 and win

  20. Still a freebee. Don't like it, sale it! 🙂

  21. They couldn't even at least make it a prem tank…

  22. You guy's are so jaded. Dont you understand this is the garage slot tank for f2p

  23. I'm enjoying watching all the new players with Pattons swarm open fields like tier 2 gameplay… That being said, if played as a pure support tank, I think the Patton can be okay. Most people focus their attention on the better tanks, so sometimes you can get away with weird situations.

  24. I see not only I have something against 60TP's gun.

  25. skill u need a new rating system with 0 stars LOL

  26. Even Skill with streamer RNG,payed actors,crew with all perks,and bounty equipement cannot make it work,what us peasants can do to have a good match with it.

  27. Cant even sell this shit, what a joke

  28. how to add the turbo
    and what is the command

  29. just got 7.8k damage in my tiger-maus with 1.7k xp because of all the patton thats in the game xD

  30. '' dont look into the gifted horse teeth'' thats the motto of entire wargaming, and their reasoning for all free tanks being useless ( totally not intentional btw )

  31. I'm thankful and am a Tank Collector, a tier 9 tank is awesome and all but I just wish WG made it usable. However I do good in the tanks that are supposed to suck and am weird like that so maybe shooting all premium this one will be good for me lol

  32. I sold that crab instantly (never played a single battle)

    I'ts NOT about the money. I simply don't want that lame vehicle in my garage

  33. Yep, I did a comparison with my tier 8 renegade and it was lacking in all areas except slightly better penetration. Decided to sell it as that cupola in tier 9 and ten battles sticks out like a sore thumb. 1000 credits ffs!! I am confident that this very welcome present will be a rarity on the battlefield. At least the bright xmas wrapping will make me chuckle every time I am perusing through my garage.

  34. Jesus… are you cc's following some given script about this tank?!!!
    Uh-huh so bad!!!
    The numbers are not great but I'm playing with and I'm doing fine.

  35. Nice play bro.. i think tank is okey

  36. In Poland they say that if it's free, vinegar is sweet. 🙂

  37. This will become the super hellcat on tier 9. The only ones playing it will be crappy bots that can't afford another tier 9 tank or use it to level their crews.
    Yet you will instantly know you are at a disadvantage with them in your team. Just like super hellcats.

  38. U do realize this is a medium tank not a heavy right?

  39. i was excited at first since i thought it would be kinda like a renegade but not as neutered and a tier 9. but even if it was a tier 8 the renegade would still be a equal too or better option

  40. It looks really really bad. What a joke can’t believe I logged in the game from Thailand to redeem this crap. 😂 I can understand they shit armor combined with bad mobility but bad gun and huge tumor cupola + huge profile.

  41. Best Christmas Gift Ever by WG 🙂 Never fail to surprise the players!

  42. Wg first time give IX tier tank, and this is one of the most shit tank xD
    One year early they give on the christmas one of the most broken tanks on history on lootboxes…
    Wg never change.

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