My Best Game yet?! | The Credit Grind #27 | World of Tanks -

My Best Game yet?! | The Credit Grind #27 | World of Tanks

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We have some very nice solid games. Also probably my best game so far in this series, we are now very close to getting the 3rd mark and hopefully should be done over the next few games!

Tanks played in this video:
AMX M4 49 – Tier 8 French Premium Heavy Tank

00:00 – Game 1: Pilsen
05:08 – Game 2: Pearl River
12:22 – Game 3: Berlin
24:57 – Game 4: Studzianki

My Mods & Settings (I was exhausted when I made this KEKW):

What is World of Tanks?
World of Tanks is a free to play PVP tank game made by Wargaming.

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  1. It's much nicer being able to watch your disappointment and frustration in 60 fps

  2. Whew, that Berlin game was a good one. Also highlights why music is less important than ambient sounds. Hearing someone run over a fence or pile of rocks has saved me a time or two.

  3. The game in Brlin was a great one. And for once, not against Tier X…
    Hopefully, 3rd mark in the next video? And 5k subscribers in the same time.
    Congrats for both! 👍

  4. Same issue all the way down to tier 4 sadly. +1mm is hard enough as bottom tier, let alone +2 these days as so many stat padders.
    Excellent game on Berlin – well played 😀

  5. Last battle you should win south. Two tanks can hold all the enemy at the factory, rest of them can push south.

  6. If you had killed kpz and killed first tank a second later in the Berlin game it would've been a kolobanovs lol

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