Most Over Powered Broken Tier 8 Premium MEDIUM TANK | World of Tanks -

Most Over Powered Broken Tier 8 Premium MEDIUM TANK | World of Tanks

Claus Kellerman
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Which premium tier 8 MEDIUM TANK is the most OP?


  1. The Bourrasque certainly does dominate these days. I t used to be the Progetto. Of these two battles, I think the Progetto was a far more interesting battle just because he wasn't loaded out on premium shells and he carried the game for his team. It was such a shame all those tanks were camping at the back. I actually have both of htese and I prefer the Progetto. for Frontlines especially, I think it is the better choice.

  2. Yeah it's turbo man, he thinks he's in Ferrari!

  3. 2022 and these north Americans still confuse Sweden for Switzerland! Claus, the only way you can redeem yourself would be to do Pz58 Mutz video while jodling yourself as it's the only SWISS tank in the game!!!

  4. If I go to hill half of the red team will go there and kill me…

  5. You're the only thing associated with WoT that I still have anything to do with Claus.

  6. I think the WT auf e100 needs to be reintroduced as a t8 premium in it's unnerfed state to balance the borat

  7. Really like this series, Claus. Well done and great commentary.

  8. You should break down the extreme results and look at the player profile. See where the average Joe falls in what place in the extreme results

  9. The interesting stuff is always at either end of the curve. It's where you look for any extreems and get meaningful data.

  10. You don't have a lot of choice other than 'spamming APCR like a motherf…ker' on the Borrousque when the standard and special shells are both APCR.

  11. δημητριος φιλοπουλος says:

    So buy the newest premium they sell and enjoy for about 1 year or less playing like a unicon.Then they change the soft stats and you are back to noob status and to the shop with credit card in your mouth💸💸

  12. 6:17 using purple equipment, food and crew skills all count. Try using this tank without any of that and see how well you do.

  13. Borat is really strong, but only if you can handle it proparely

  14. Hey! You missed cs-52 lis m48 raumpanzer AMBT and tl-1 LPC…

  15. The Swedes don't yodel, Claus. The Swiss do. The Kranvagn is a Swedish tank. The yodelling Swiss do not have any tanks.

  16. There are still a few muppets in Borat. I know because last night in I was farming credits like a mo fo in my SU130pm and "oh boy a Borat. He'll spot a lot for me" Not when in two battles they camped next to me ffs!!

  17. Krause I’ve been coming to grips with my addiction to being a muppet . I die to ai tanks drive in the open fire from in front of bushes.
    My fellow muppets demand a march of the muppets video so you can show the plight of the tank driving low skill maybe drunk player base. Maybe world of tanks can have a special battle for special players ,yeah.

  18. The TOG used to be the best heavy to buy! Thx Claus… keep me interested in WOT……….WhiskeyForMyMen ! P.S. Say Hi to Pierre' for me! He's a party animal!

  19. Claus thank you for making me a 2X better Bourrasque player. I love these episodes that show the load outs of the best players. With this configuration and all Premium ammo I am twice the player I was before. Hopefully I can kill you with my Bourrasque in the near future. Too cheap to be a patron but watch daily.

  20. The first game was made by the high muzzle velocity of 1250 m/s for premium ammo. The standard is 1000 m/s, this can cause the gun to hit more often than the dispersion stat would indicate. In the second game I would have used all three rounds and not managed my ammo like Claus. As for the approach at the end, I would have moved bush to bush after moving through the town. Since one of the Fv 4005's was covering that, things may have not ended so well for me.

  21. yes, they make it look easy, but it is not. there good players. even though the tank is good, they make it very good.

  22. I would like to buy a Tier 8 tank but I do not see some of the tanks you are talking about. They are not listed. Is there a way to see them?

  23. If you are trying to help some one decide which 1 or 2 premiums to buy you need to discuss the skill cap. Bourasque skill cap is higher that a T-44 100 or Lowe.

  24. It is definitely time for WG to introduce the Soviet premium medium tank that will dominate in everything for a while!

  25. thanks for illustrating why i uninstalled all WG products. pure trash

  26. @Claus Kellerman what about "KAMPFPANZER 07 RH" ?

  27. That guy playing the Progetto, just beautiful work. Didn't even spam the gold,… like a m*********

  28. It's quite normal to see games of 12v12 premium tanks. Or one side has premiums only. And you still can make credits shooting purely gold. CDC was the first tank to start this bullshit of reliably making 200k per game

  29. As you said, the whole WOT comes down to the opponent not seeing you and you seeing the opponent, and if you have a good and precise cannon you become invincible, the tank armor has become meaningless or unimportant, as far as I can see it is the most important thing in WOT today.

  30. "Patient suivant" is when a doctor says it's "next patient turn"… here … to … die?

  31. Bourrasque is champion in official stats "fakeness".

  32. The mean result tells you what is a good tank for the regular schmo. It also tells you what is not a good tank, if you are an average schmo. Even before the SPG nerf, SPGs inhabited the lowest regions of tank rankings. Some will say that was because SPG players are not good players, but that is not much of an interpretation because good players would be able to make SPGs work but then you also never see SPGs among the top rankings by damage, etc. Contrariwise, heavy tanks have high average winrates but rarely figure in the best results except for the Object 279(e). So the worst players in the game must be the heavy tank players but probably no one driving a heavy tank sees themselves that way.

  33. Claus you ignorant basterd, Swedes do not Yodle! Thats the Swiss!

    Also, love your content.

  34. Bourrasque dmg = 8848 , Everest altitude = 8848 🙂

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