Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator - Tank and Helicopter - Android Gameplay -

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator – Tank and Helicopter – Android Gameplay

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One of the biggest additions is the police, so watch out who you shoot, where you shoot someone, steal the wrong car, or whatever crime you could think of. The cops are no push-overs, be prepared! The drug-related crimes are going through the roof in Miami, you are a part of this right now!

The last year Miami has changed to a dangerous city, the Miami Department has made new plans to make it save again. It’s your job to chase and arrest all the dangerous criminals until all the dangerous criminals are behind bars! Are you ready for this dangerous miami police crime vice simulator mod apk game officer?

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator Game Features :
– Unlimited missions in our simulator!
– Lot’s of department cars to unlock!
– Arrest all the dangerous criminals in Miami!
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  6. Can you make a new videos about this game? For example Desert Battleground

  7. I remember playing this version, tanks was the most OP vehicle in the game. The new version is way weaker and can be destroyed by bullets and explosions

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