Medium Panels/ Double Batteries & a HUGE Tank!- Occupy Mars S2 Ep. 13 -

Medium Panels/ Double Batteries & a HUGE Tank!- Occupy Mars S2 Ep. 13

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Survive and colonize Mars in a highly technical, open-world sandbox game. Build and upgrade your base, discover new regions, conduct mining operations, retrieve water, generate oxygen, grow crops, and fix broken parts.
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  1. Great video. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  2. Hey great video. You should build a large tank for your oxygen to store the extra and then you'll have lots for when your expanding the base.

  3. Heh, again keeping the old (now nearly useless) old small panels???

  4. Ultimate power grid minimum cable spaghetti. 4 medium solar panels 1 transformer 1 fully extended battery bank makes 1 group. 4 groups feed 1 transformer to make a set. 4 sets feed into a transformer at the base that splits 50/50 into 2 fully extended battery packs 1 for the workshop 1 and for the hub or greenhouse that will give you total potential supply of 2304w with your current technology points more once you open more efficient photovoltaics 2. The total potential storage of 34,416w safe to say I over think things

  5. At timestamp 39:23 in the left bottom corner of picture, you can see there ONE WHOLE UNUSED BUILDING PORT (water, oxy, electricity) wouldn't it be a nice thing to use it, and get simplicity and more redundancy? At this moment, if your second battery pack (the second one in the succession of cables, dunno which one it is right now due to the mess in cables) is hit by meteorite, or the "output trafo", you ennergy input to all buildings is gone…! Just one disconnected cable (one of 3) would be enough to bring it down.

  6. Something caught my eye at 2:07 – Spectral Detector III increases the amount of minerals you get! It sounds like that only works if you scan a big rock first before jackhammering it.

  7. 11:54 I wonder if the ATV is more unstable with the cargo bins on the back? Or maybe you're just excited about the medium solar panels and are driving faster than normal? 😬

  8. 22:33 moving around later (disassemble / reassemble) also has benefit of getting Electrical skill points (same for tearing down small solar panels and replacing with medium ones later)

  9. When you first built your portable camp, you first emptied your inventory, then tore down the camp and headed out. At that moment, your inventory reflected exactly what you needed for a camp. It would have been nice if you wrote that down.

  10. Yes! Brilliant to see the successful progress and the delight in your voice was obvious. I agree the large tanks should have some kind of display on them so you know how much is going in, how much is stored, and how much is going out. Using the figure in your workshop control panel shows what you have in store, but there is only one water hose attached to your base so maybe only something like 6 litres is currently actually flowing in. When you build the dome, you will find that you have huge storage of water but not nearly enough going in. The trees take massive amounts of water – my large dome alone needs 70 litres per hour. So make use of the inlet pipe in the second workshop and also make use of the one in the greenhouse when you build it. Maybe even a water pump straight after the tank then split three ways into the inlet valves? I shouldn’t really pass any comments – my base is a mess!!!!!

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    This video is on Point!

  12. It's gunna be ashamed when the game tells you you already have all the blue prints when you don't. Happened to me every time I play the mission. Free play is the only way I was ever able to finish the game. Although your already farther than I have ever gotten. Maybe you'll get lucky.

  13. water in tank on map, select water, select tank on map.

  14. I haven't played this, but from watching others play, I do believe you can put an extender on both sides of the well and have a tank for O2, H2O and CH4, or all three H2O, or one H2O and two O2 or CH4, you can attach an H2O tank to the well output like you attach tanks to the extenders.

  15. 20:38 i think you have your battery output wrong. 1500 output only 348 input

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