Mayweather Mind Games: Tank Makes Ryan WAIT for 2 Hours At Press Conference -

Mayweather Mind Games: Tank Makes Ryan WAIT for 2 Hours At Press Conference

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Mayweather Mind Games: Tank Makes Ryan WAIT for 2 Hours At Press Conference
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  1. Basically in my opinion can't just let Ryan know Niger you not important he just checked them and put them in his place to remind him who really this is all about

  2. Def can’t gain more than ten pounds shout to Floyd for implementing that

  3. Ryan cappin like a mug shut up and stop chippin fool.

  4. Tank tried doing you a solid fool since you ballooned up to 150lbs fat azz! So sitdown , be Quiet, shut up and wait.

  5. Ryan doesn't get it yet, Tank can't stand your candy ahole so be Quiet and wait.

  6. Jake Paul just did it last week on the walk out. Made em wait lol

  7. The green hand bag is a bit strange but to each there own whatever makes you happy

  8. Queen Ryan had the audacity to talk about how Tank carries himself as a competitor. This dude:
    • Ducked 7 fights
    • Has Never been on PPV
    • Never sold out anybody’s arena
    • Never fought an undefeated boxer
    • Never won a championship
    • All his opponents came off losses
    • Popularity is on social media, NOT boxing.
    • He’s no “king” in the lightweight division.

    Hope Tank snuffs him out by round 2…. For real.

  9. From what I saw, when it settles in. Ryan will realize he made a massive mistake. Ryan will never be the same after he loses. I see it going downhill for him after Tank defeats him. His next opponent should be a bum to help build up his confidence. Ryan is going to try to outbox Tank and win a decision. But it won't work out like that. I see Tank walking Ryan down. Ryan landing the hook and Tank eating it, counter then KO. Nighty night Rye bread.

  10. Tank is a midget. It's fair to not want to fight Ryan weighing 160lbs. Just my opinion.

  11. Don’t cry about spilled milk when this is over.

  12. All Tank did was show up late and he brought out every emotion in that boy. Ri Ri not ready, Tank by a showstopping KO.

  13. They already got him more worried about what tank’s doing, than himself. You best do you

  14. Aint that a b*tch mr.cap is all of a sudden self righteous, if u don't knock it off jus get ready to get smooth slepted😴😴😴😴🥊

  15. Tank gone decapitate this Nickelodeon, LGBT and Social Media Champion 💪🏾

  16. We silent but we here and we support CHAMPSIDE Mr Press 1 Mr Man on fire 🔥 Himself 1000%…So Let the Truth be Told… Facts Only…1

  17. Ryan has way more followers and more people looking at him than tank

  18. I'm on tank side but nigga disrespectful for that shit

  19. Tank ain’t no Mayweather . 😂😂 Tanks has accomplished nothing in boxing not even in the p4p best right now. Hand picked resume

  20. Lmao y’all crazy…. Gervonta himself admitted it was unprofessional for him to show up late and he was sorry. No mind games😂😂😂💀

  21. Whole two hours Ryan was thinking "oh no!!Tank coming??"

  22. Tank was busy buying his outfit to show up lol dance partner pretty girl Ryan no homo was like a chick on a first date nervous lol

  23. Cryan gaycia taking backshots from dirty denim wearing ol goosen while Sean waits his turn smh

  24. Excuses Excuses Excuses. Just show up to fight on fight night. Don't talk about be about it Mr. Garcia.

  25. He gone pull a hamestring doing the ring walk 😂

  26. True indeed Tank was definitely late on purpose💯 The baddest brand in the land Champside 💯great rewind are reminder of Mayweather making his opponent wait

  27. Why would you want to be over 145 in a 135 fight 🤔and only Ryan cheerleaders and like u say champ new fans complain about being late!! Tank in Ryan head !!😅

  28. Queen Ryan = Soft.
    Just look at all his titles:
    • Undisputed Twitter-Weight Champ
    • Tik-Tok Division Regular Champion
    • YouTube Interim Champion
    • FaceBook Franchise Champion

    LOL!!!! Dude is Soft man.

  29. Been watching you for a couple years, you're progressing and maturing as a journalist exceptionally. I see ya. 👑🦁💪🏾

  30. I mean folks always say Tank is a weight Bully and he walks around at a higher weight also… So weight clause that's standard for both fighters is acceptable! 🤷🏾‍♂️ So in a weird way if Ryan is drained… Tank is drained also…

    So this is null n void…
    Still a fair bout…

  31. I hope ryan destroys him and humiliates floyd asshole mayweather

  32. Ryans crying its ok buddies. You get the same stipulations that Oscar De La Hoya gay Floyd Mayweather back in the day there you go everything comes full circle.

  33. Stop making up excuses for Tank he was late because he overslept.

  34. He’s not here, and he’s still not here lol, dis dumbass tryin to get 20-30 lbs on tank after they weight themselves. True warrior

  35. Coming from a boy who pulled out of several fights. FOH


  37. Tank, that’s not even necessary. ryan sadly your a small timer, and the heavyweight shows up whenever the heck he feels

    Come on Tank. I know it’s hard. Greatness has its own time.

  38. It's ok if tank is late but Ryan I'd be worried feel me?

  39. Tank is unprofessional fuck up niggas a die bout these celebrities they can do no wrong

  40. Foreman did it to ALI real fight fans know that ain't nothing new Ryan don't know that cause he's a kid shout out to Tank make that chump wait on you

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