Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7 - World of Tanks Blitz -

Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7 – World of Tanks Blitz

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Hey, How’s it going guys! And welcome to a brand new video,
Today I’m going to play Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7

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  1. The maus match the enemies remain
    You:kill from a tiny space
    Me using autoaim:TRIGGERED

  2. playing like bot 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Мобильная версия перестала быть мобильной :(((

  4. Anyone ever tried 'Tank Legion' game? In many ways it's better than Blitz. Give it a try and join the legion The Iron Crusade!

  5. hey men i would like to ask i bought maus before yesterday and still dont know how to play it after 100 games could u please help me

  6. me as noob: i wish i played liked this

    me as pro: i wish i met enemy players like this

  7. Es horrible , el war thunder es mucho mejor !!

  8. Kenapa maps kota gak ada ya pas aku main game ini

  9. dishonest games like the system settings. an example of a radar that is not optimal. The opponent suddenly appears and when it is locked to be shot, suddenly disappears from the sight of the gun🤦🤦🤦

  10. This game fucking hack my account and my brother please don’t play this game

  11. Maus = Sounded small but the truth is strong.

  12. Tato hra je neférová, kdo kupuje a útrácí tisíce za vylepšení a kupuje tanky, je hvězda. Normální hráči, jsou odsouvání, tato hra je nevyvážená a nespravedlivá. Byl jsem zablokován v chatu, vracel jsem nadávky které jsem obdržel jako první, suport mě radši smaže účet, než aby opravil chcbu v této hře. Pro mě jasný palec dolů, je to nevyvážená stupidní a nelogická hra.

  13. Good play bro..nice to record that im also world of tanks blitz player and may screen record not good

  14. wargaming are cheaters, they change tank characteristics and make it trash to force you buy new one and when you buy, same cheating make the new tank trash again and force you to pay more and more for nothing except trash.
    play free don't buy from sharpers, don't waste your money.

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