Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7 - World of Tanks Blitz -

Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7 – World of Tanks Blitz

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Hey, How’s it going guys! And welcome to a brand new video,
Today I’m going to play Maus & T57 Heavy & IS-7

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  1. manipolation game no money accaunt nerfed,game free hahaha download

  2. Ich habe den Rhm aber die Maus die ist anders krass next lvl

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  4. Can you Play with me Wot Biltz

  5. Can you Play with me Wot Biltz

  6. Is this a team game you can play with your freinds

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  8. Colocaram um virus no meu celular porque estou reclamando publicamente que estou sendo roubado pelo jogo

  9. Nesse momento estão censurando meus comentarios com manipulação do meu teclado virtual

  10. Tanques com 100% de maestria atiram e nao causam dano ao oponente, ganho perco creditos, perco a batalha me tiram 5 vezes mais creditos

  11. Nao tem onde reclamar então jogo kaka no ventilador, vai ser assim ate concertarem meu sisitema com virús

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  13. this actually feels like a balanced medium that wont break the game, i am impressed

  14. What an amazing gameplay bro. I love it. Keep up the nice gameplay

  15. is there any other way for your military honor to decrease? i've been playing wotb for almost 6 years now and i barely have any complaints, i think i have like 3 max complaints against 154 praises and my honor still goes down, whats up with that?

  16. Tanks are lot of fun and perfectly served their purpose in WWII but they're still pipsqueaks compared to floating steel fortress called battleship. Even the single main gun turret on a battleship is much bigger than whole tank, not to mention the smaller secondary gun turret being equal in size. Just saying….

  17. Llo soy el mejor de world of tank

  18. Can we take a moment to appreciate how expert he is to use the maus like it's the highest defence tank men ur a pro

  19. Nie lubię graczy chowających się jak tchórze,wymyślonych głupich czołgów strzelających seriami.
    Ogólnie world of tanks jest niesprawiedliwa.
    Życzę więcej odwagi i wspieranie towarzyszy .

  20. Good player! The team will happy when you attempt!

  21. I am a veteran in world of tanks,I played xbox 360 version and trust me it is terrible.

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