Mattel Intellivision Game: Armor Battle (1978 Mattel Electronics) -

Mattel Intellivision Game: Armor Battle (1978 Mattel Electronics)

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A 2-player tank game where each player controls two tanks to destroy each other. The battlefield constantly changes so the battle is never the same. Tanks move at average speed on grass, fast on roads, slow through trees, and slowest through water. Tanks will explode after three direct hits. The Harder game mode adds ricochet shots.


  1. Thanks I used to Really Enjoy playing this game on my Intelivision 2 but could not remember the name. Depending on the terrain you could switch tanks or would like become hidden. There was an Atari game as well but it was not as good. I could not remember that many details but its odd are destroying your own stuff? Been a long time since I used my system but actually had a video converter for more modern TVs. I think Fish Fish or Night Stalker is the last thing I played. Used to like the Baseball game so many even the Ice Hockey was always fun on it.

  2. Too bad most of these games on this system were 2 player only and not AI

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