Mark Cuban tries to hide smile after Mavs successfully tank for top 10 draft pick -

Mark Cuban tries to hide smile after Mavs successfully tank for top 10 draft pick

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  1. You can get rid of tanking by giving the 1st round losers of the playoffs the first 8 picks.

  2. NBA is actually investigating the team for sitting out its key players in such a big game. Pretty fucked up

  3. Mark Cuban playing the long game. He knows he won't win any chips with the current roster that he has.

  4. Fans want basketball that is all about competition, competition is what makes it entertaining so you cant blame the Mavs for tanking, that would be like blaming a losing boxer for throwing in the towel. Mavs are doing this for the best chance to win which is all about competition.

  5. People have a problem with sitting star players just to please some fans.. It's all fun and games till your investment tears an acl in a meaningless game. Obviously not good enough to defend the ball in the regular season, let alone the playoffs. Selfish fans don't even want what's best for the team. I stand with the owners on this one

  6. Honestly the penalty for tanking to keep a protected draft pick should be losing the protection, that seems fair to me (I'm a Knicks fan though so I may be biased)

  7. I'm not gonna feel bad at all when Kyrie puts them through hell over the summer. lol

  8. My gf and I became Mavs fans recently.. bought merch, watch every game, and more.. we're so disappointed… I just bought her 3 jerseys on March 30th and now this?!?! What a kick in the teeth!! How do you do that to the people who allow you to do this for a living; the fans?!?! Wtf! Fine his ass again! Cuban clearly doesn't know what he's doing… how do you cheat and lose??… pathetic

  9. I felt like they were a decent team prime for postseason. Cuban is an idiot and this shows

  10. I think mavs make adjustment in terms to coaching ability of current coach he always using a nonsense first 5 like luka,hardaway,bullocks,and powell my goodness thats combo.are not effective since day 1. Make changes now more playing time to mcgee and other bigman. J kid demote him to assistant coach

  11. Ohh he's not smiling because of his team tanking. Mark Cuban is smiling because of how filthy rich he very well is.

  12. This is pathology, this is sick. Its not right. This behavior should be penalized.

  13. I understand tanking but media is insane thinking that those guys in the end did not try to make the shot

  14. I hope he smiles when Luka is out of that fake team

  15. Idk if he is smiling for a top ten pick or if he is just angry laughing about his pathetic team 😂

  16. Why is it.. that.. teams tank mid season all the time while they still have a chance.. and the mavs tank with 2 games left and the entire nba media is acting like this is a travesty xD??? Wtf is happening

  17. Nba should forfeit their first round pick. I can no longer root for the mavericks after this disgusting act. Mark Cuban is a bum

  18. Not even victor can help them best bet is scoot. He is a pass first guard thats not afraid to pull the shot and has a similar playstyle to Luka.

  19. Why is this big deal, when you don’t have pro/rel this is what happens

  20. Investigation into Mavericks? Why not investigate Chris Foster hamstringing CP3 every playoff run? Foster was never indicted for cheating with fellow ref – Tim Donaghy. Although he made more than 130 vs. <30 calls to fellow refs calls in the season Donaghy was caught. Why hasn’t Foster been called out for cheating or even counseled like Crawford was on carrying grudges and biases. The Suns are favored to go to the finals due to the power lineup. I hate to think how Foster will hamstring their chances because of some pre-existing biases or even possible bet rigging. The NBA ponders the desire to be a higher caliber team for next season vs. playing with integrity every game in an investigation when they can’t even get integrity in some of their referees. This is a travesty to investigate an owner who can and will probably will pay the $1Million fine to have a better team next season vs. a referee who will probably tank the chances of a favored championship team. Now that’s a travesty!

  21. Remember, Dallas… Your owner tried to blame Dads… Lol.

  22. Maybe he was laughing at the airball and the side glass shots.

  23. Some thing we may never have seen before in the NBA ??????? Only if you haven’t watched the NBA at all for the past 20 years😂😂😂

  24. If the pick is under 10, it’s going to the knicks

  25. bro kyrie is garbage its still just luka on the mavs lmao

  26. Where all them people saying luka>tatum for mvp at 🤡

  27. They can’t tank. If they get the first pick it goes to the knicks

  28. Only 2 way players can carry a team to a post season with no real supporting cast. Kyrie and Luka yes are very gifted offensively but they can’t stop anyone or help the overall team defend.

    1. Lebron
    2. Kwahi
    3. Embiid

  29. Losing games on purpose is what’s wrong with professional sports.

  30. I like Mark Cuban. But promoting tanking in the NBA as the owner IS as bad as the other previous NBA owners whose egregious acts in running their teams and were forced to sell their teams. To me this is serious, the fine amount to someone like Cuban isn't serious enough. Cuban should be on probation, maybe have a board to help him or given a stiff warning that if it happens again, the NBA will ask to have him sell the team.

  31. You cannot say tanking without saying Mark Cuban

  32. lmfao imagine pretending this was some 4d chess mind games, bruh he smiled at his game, maybe he remembered hes a billionaire? doesnt have to be some grand scheme

  33. Mark Cuban has no idea how to build a better roster anymore, he has diminished their assets.

    Wouldn’t pay Brunson.

    Traded for Wood and that’s been a waste.

    Gave up too much depth for Kyrie.

  34. Saw a comment a few days ago about how this really rubbed Kylie the wrong way

  35. Imagine, you're a guy who loves basketball, and grow in some poor european region, like Moldova. Minimal wage in your country is 225 USD, but you're lucky and earn around 400 USD per month. You got one dream, to attend and Mavs game. So you are saving every penny, on every opportunity. Your friends in weekends spending time together but you have to do food delivery, because you know that's the only opportunity to makes your dream real.

    After some years, you finally have enough savings to makes your dreams come true. You choose Dallas vs Chicago games, because it's last one, so might be season decider. And you see intentional loss, cause some f..king tw.t want to get slighty better draft pick. I feel extreamly bad for every person, which flew for this game from other continents, spending amount of money, which is enough to make a year or two years employment break in home country, to watch this garbage.

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