Make a Shot or GET Pelted by Basketballs 🏀😲 -

Make a Shot or GET Pelted by Basketballs 🏀😲

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Make a Shot or GET Pelted by Basketballs 🏀😲


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  2. Bro how do you sick so bad that you red with lebron

  3. Thats why labron bad now used to be great

  4. What about Lebron made with kobe but not with Lebron💀☠️

  5. I bet you a new subscriber you won’t pin me

  6. Bro missed with curry now lebron 💀

  7. It says make a shot with [Insert Name Here] so why they always making it hard for themselves do a mid range or even a lay

  8. Man missed with LeBron James and missed he just sucks at the game

  9. Hold up why tf was Ben Simmons on the Magic tf💀

  10. He missed with curry and lebron 💀

  11. Y r they holding x for of course ur gonna miss

  12. These guys are the worst 2k players this is so triggering

  13. Might as well balled him right then and there if he got Ben

  14. If I got Ben Simmons I wouldn’t even attempt. Would just hold my L and get balled.

  15. He missed a wide open three with LeBron. Not to mention it was a very late release

  16. You missed a shot with lebron😵😵😵😵😵😵

  17. So everytime they play the second guy always misses no matter who….he also shoots really bad shots on purpose. Like a half court and in this case a off the dribble shot. Interesting

  18. I got a friend who hit a shot with Ben Simmons

  19. Ben doesn't play nba2k huh, because everytime I watch these it's always a very late with every player. Even messed up with curry

  20. When he got Kobe, his reaction was like:…………………………………………… Lets gooooo

  21. Bro it’s 2k you shouldn’t miss with anyone wide open 😭

  22. I really thought youd'd go BALD if you missed, putting it on the line for Ben Simmons 💀

  23. They just said a shot, I would’ve gone and dunked it

  24. Bot said let's go for lebron and still missed R.I.P for his ass

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