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M1A2 Abrams – Best Tank Video Ever!

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A Tank Commanders first person view of multiple training scenarios combined on the M1A2 SEP V2.The Circle X Crew of 3rd Platoon Chaos/Barbarian Company 1-68 AR. From Table VI Gunnery, CLFX to Section lead training. Visuals of entering, loading firing, maneuvering and utilization of the smoke grenade launcher to retrograding. Ranges from Grafenwöehr Germany to Tapa Estonia. Please give it a “Like” and share this video if you enjoyed watching.


  1. Bro Now i know How Legend The people like this

  2. Is that high pitched hum the turbine?

  3. is the missile guided by you watching it in the green?

  4. More State Propaganda from General Dynamics…No Tank is invisible! Look at the Nazi German Manufacture of the Leopard 2– or the British Challenger. or BAE and its Bradley's…I find this false messaging so indicative of what our once Great USA Military into NEVER Winning any of its CIA created wars from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, etc..JUST using Propaganda to Fool WE THE PEOPLE. USCongress has spent 2$trillion dollars from 2021 to 2024 on a FOOLS ERRAND- Bankrupting America with $35Trillion in debt..they borrow the dollars from CHINA but those idiots in the GOP want War with China & Russia. I say, send them to Ukraine front line, in a military uniform, to DIE for JOE BIDEN's attempt to deflect from his High Crimes-Obama part of the criminal Mafia- like Democratic Party. HOW can we escape from law makers high on Cocaine from JOE's Open Drug border deal with the MEX and Taliban Drug Cartels. LIE and Liars…America's Decline they achieved with their bullshit! What is the answer to save our Republic?

  5. челленджер считается одним из лучших танков в мире.2 выпустили на фронт на украине.1 сгорел в первый день,второй сгорел на 3 день.присылайте украинцам абрамсы.их ждет та же судьба.

  6. I think this the best tank ever built anywhere..

  7. All Crap, no chance in any war, oh and no longer exist, all destroyed in Ukraine, because they were crap..

  8. we have come to the conclusion your hearing loss is not work related

  9. Never knew the cap and the loader we’re in such close proximity. Let’s go boys! 🇺🇸

  10. If the commander is killed, the gunner is gonna have a hard time getting past him to get out.

  11. Damn time to call the prior service recruiter

  12. Консервная банка ! Прочнее вашего картона! 😂😂😂 Гроб на гуслях! Вперед покойники!

  13. Drag everything and double click you can freeze

  14. Im Irak war er oft leichte Beute , denn er hatte eine ganz böse Schwachstelle ! You know it

  15. Bitte , die Zeit von Panzern ist längst vorbei , die Besatzung tut mir leid , es ist eine leichte Beute für einen Panzerjäger , der mit einem Schuss den Glanz verglühen lässt . Lass dich nie in einen fahrenenden Metallsarg stecken .
    Panzerrichtschütze , mein Siefvater hat 11 Panzer im Krieg gefahren und mich als ich sagte ich werde Panzerrichtschütze mir alles bei gebracht wie ich überleben werde aber auch wie ich aussehe wenn ich überlebe und sagte mein Glück wäre ich hätte den besten Platz im Panzer unterhalb des Kommandeurs und bei einem Treffer soll ich nach oben Greifen Ihm die Eier so umdrehen das er aus der Panzerlucke springt und alle draußen warten darauf und meine Zeit wäre das Sie Ihr Magazin wechseln müssen ! Gute Aussichten dachte ich mir 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Can I borrow that? I have… Reasons.

  17. I repaired the LRUs inside Abrams and Bradley’s, I actually might’ve been stationed at Carson when this video came out. Those ICDUs man 😂

  18. As a 55B from Mechanized Cav back in the day.. This was badass!!!! Thank you for letting me remember.

  19. I was 45 kilo 3rd armored division 1983 -1986 bad ass machine

  20. Excellent!
    I was in the 163rd Armored Cav.

  21. ваш абрамс миф

  22. Is this Grafenwöhr or Vilseck? My dad was stationed there in the early 90s

  23. piece of crap had jammed breach block first shot!!!!! utter junk!!!!

  24. The tanker is taking a risk. It is dangerous to put your foot on the leading star. If the tank suddenly starts moving, can you imagine what will happen to the leg?

  25. JUNK boondoggle….go and see them in the Ukraine scrap yards

  26. Wow, as an Indian, I am simply amazed by the rank design. Props to the American engeneers, they have truly performed themselves out of this world!

  27. Ojalá y México tuviera tanques para hacer mierda a las personas que le hacen daño a mi país😔

  28. What’s the loud ass horn for 😂

    Goh Dam

  29. Best tank video ever…

    Until a vodka fueled russian crew on a T-80BV took the decision to put a dozen western vehciles to burn on some field

  30. لا توجد دبابه في العالم تستطيع الصمود بوجه المقاتل الذي يؤمن بالهدف الذي يقاتل من اجله٠٠٠لاتوجد دبابه في العالم تستطيع ان تواجه القاذفه الخفيفه ضد الديابات ( ار بي ج ٧) هذا السلاح البسيط والعظيم بنفس الوقت سواء كانت الدبابات شرقيه أو غربيه الصنع٠٠٠!!!
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