Live: Commodore 64 Tank Games vs World of Tanks | Old πŸ†š New -

Live: Commodore 64 Tank Games vs World of Tanks | Old πŸ†š New

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Let’s compare Commodore 64 tank games like Battle Zone, Desert Fox & Battle Command with what today has to offer in #WorldOfTanks, as Peri Plays – Live!

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  1. 10/10 for the stream but 11/10 for the puppy breaks 🐢🐢. 3 classic tanks games but desert fox was the stand out game for me. Great work as always guys keep it up, thanks a lot 😊

  2. Tanks for watching! πŸ˜… Live streams are a constant learning process. Today we learned that if the headset cable is too close to the Sony CRT screen you get a slight buzzing. Now we know! Hey, at least we're doing things old school instead of using emulators Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

  3. 34:40 it looks like your tank has β€˜55 smells’ but I don’t believe it. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ya know you can move forward and back in battlezone.

  5. Steel Thunder – best tank simulation on c64

  6. I was expecting and hoping for "Steel Thunder" (1988) in your C64 lineup. I was always impressed with the attention to technical details with real tanks, separate crew stations and roles, plausible missions, and a realistic career. It requires patience, as it's as much simulation as arcade. One doesn't just jump in a tank and go.

  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooo I missed this πŸ™

  8. Wot advice keep from armor towards enemies

  9. Awww, I wish the time-zone gods were smiling when this aired! I played many of these games and the nostalgia is amazing! A bit of Raid Over Moscow would have been cool too as that had a section involving tanks (although, admittedly, you didn't actually play AS the tank in that game…)

  10. I remember Battlezone but not the other two. I was a huge fan of Beach Head but you were only a tank in one of the sections if I remember correctly.

  11. Using original platforms not emulators, it's the only right way to play these games 5/5. greetings from Finland

  12. Encounter surely the best C64 tank game. Classic. Nice video.

  13. The wireframe graphics were often referred to as Vector Graphics. Some of the best early Atari games used them and they are still great.
    Asteroids was another really great Atari Vector arcade game. πŸ™‚
    Really enjoyed watching this, even though I missed you live.

  14. I do that sort of thing with years all the time. 38 years between when the C64 was released and now. The pyramid of Khufu was finished in the year 2560 B.C. That means you can string together 120.5 x C64 lifetimes back to the building of Khufu. We first started wearing clothes going by the evolution of lice 107,000 years ago. The first personal computer was the KENBAK-1 in 1971, 49 years ago. So you can string the lifetimes of about 2180 home computer ages back to the time when we invented clothes. The average human life span world wide is 71 years and the dinosaurs died 65,000,000 years ago, so all you need to do is string about 1 million human life spans back to the time of the dinosaurs. Bear in mind that although 1 million sounds like a lot, we transformed from furry 4 legged animals to human beings in that time span (we split from dogs and cats before they split from us, so we are not closer to one or the other). 1 million people may sound like a lot, but you can have that many people at a big concert (check out Enter Sandman, Monsters of Rock, Moscow 1991).

  15. I remember playing Stellar 7 on the Apple 2 in the early 80's, I enjoyed it a lot at the time (3d wireframe tanks, like Battlezone). I'll have to try it again, and see how it compares to these games! (Great video!)

  16. Fun Fact: Mt. Vesuvius erupted during WWII (1944) during the campaign in Italy.

  17. I really enjoyed watching this in the background while…erm…repairing my Amiga 500 keyboard (so far…I've made the problem worse). Re PSVR I have one and I love it…sometimes. Let me explain. I see the PSVR as like a good Vodka. A good vodka will knock your socks off in no time, BUT…drink it all the time, and suddenly the effect is lessened and you become an alcoholic and your liver fails….no wait….what I mean is…use VR all the time and that "special effect" is lost in no time. It becomes "normal" and hence, nothing special. And it is a "choice" to commit to putting the headset on to play a game. So you're doing it right by NOT using it. Go back to it….in fact in keeping with the Tanks theme….I challenge you….put your PSVR back on the try the Battle Zone demo (or full game). I'd love to know your thoughts. I think it's AWESOME! I've been treating my pandemic anxiety by playing PSVR Doom…not even kidding πŸ˜€ Stay Safe mate! I hope I'll catch one of these live.

  18. Nice nice. I was hoping for Stellar 7. I dunno why, but I played that a lot back in the days.

  19. No doubt … Battle Zone is far better !!!! πŸ˜‰

  20. Did you ever play Campaign on the Commodore Amiga? It was a WW2 tank simulation game. The best part it was 2 player from the same Amiga. So on one side of the Amiga keyboard, you had the tank driver and on the other side of the keyboard, you had the gunner.

  21. 25:13: (as someone born in 2001) It's not impressive compared to the games today, but compared to the games you just showed, it certainly is. It's all about reference point with these things.
    I think this needs more games in between Battle Command and World of Tanks. Surely there's a middle ground of graphics where they are not super fancy nor super simple?

  22. Enjoyed as always :). I would like to nominate "Combat" for the Atari 2600 for this list too. Did ya'll have the 2600 in England back in the day?

  23. Saw this game displayed on a CRO during a tour I was on at a top secret place enough said, This was at least 35 years ago and I was with the scouts on a trip round a high security factory because it turns out that one of the guys that worked at the factory was also a leader in the scouts.

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