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Let’s play! Will Racoon Help Us To Make Brand New Dunk Tank Game?

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One day, slime Sam and his human friend Sue were going to make a new craft for their viewers. But they found their house in a total mess. Things were everywhere! And there was a trail of clothes leading to the bathroom… Warily, they entered the bathroom just to discover an adorable stripy black and white animal in the bath tub! A raccoon decided to pay them a visit. Sue was so thrilled, she almost forgot about the craft. But Sam was there to remind her of her duty. Even though Sue really wanted to play with the raccoon, she sat down and showed how to make a Dunk Tank game from cardboard!

This is a really fun game you can play together with your friends. The platform for the one to be dunked is small, so you’ll probably need to choose a small toy to put there, a Lego figure, for example. But that’s totally up to you. The game consists of a tank made of Plexiglas, a cardboard base, which is just a large sturdy box, a catapult on a stand made of cardboard and wooden sticks, and a structure with a platform and a target (also made of cardboard and wooden sticks). Follow Sue’s instructions step by step and you’ll manage to make this craft with no problem! Have fun playing with it! Oh, and we hope that raccoon didn’t distract you much from the craft tutorial… Awww… isn’t he cute?

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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