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Let’s Play Tank Battle Evan & Dad First Time War Thunder Ground Battle

Evan Storm Gaming
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Lets Play War Thunder! Evan loves military toys so we decided to give War Thunder a try. Watch as they battle on the ground with tanks, fighting enemy aircraft and ground forces. The setting is on a beautiful Island located the South Pacific Ocean. Evan armed up with Russian tanks and dad decided to hunt enemies with American power. Will they win or lose their first mission? Can they destroy their enemies and capture enemy terrority. Watch and find out!!

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  1. Hello Evan Storm! My nephew, Drix, 5y/o, is sooo excited to play War Thunder Mobile! He’s a huge fan! ❤

  2. Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy the game.

  3. I decided to download war thunder when my dad buy me a new computer at my birthday (im 8 years old and my birthday is at december) also i like this video and i subscribed

  4. Yes you were right it is Hawaii because world war 2 was in Hawaii

  5. Dear evan since two months I always wanted to meet you I love your videos and amry battles from Jace knight

  6. can you make the scellaton warriors and alion warriors fight
    and can you shout me out my name is Evan D

  7. just a person you see everywere just in stick node says:

    Cool intro😁😁😁

  8. Tanks can't go to water and drive but only some can go on water.

  9. It’s not the first thanks Mark one in World war one was the first tank

  10. Dear Evan and his dad you guys are so cool, you made my day and brought a smile on my face. Evan, you are so lucky to have such a cool dad. You guys are awesome.

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  12. Evan its me adi and i have 3 word in day 21 you bliud that base, you and your dad are both amazing and final word im not from America im from a smaller country

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