LEGO WWII Micro Tank Battle Combat Game by Brickmania -

LEGO WWII Micro Tank Battle Combat Game by Brickmania

Beyond the Brick
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Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon talks with Lando Reimer about Brickmania’s new Micro Tank Battle World War II game.

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  1. Dang those are some sweet designs for micro tanks

  2. It's just Tabletop with legos and less rules…

  3. Some brings some warhammer dice we dont do that here

  4. Build zeppelins next


  5. Its all fun and games until someone destroys it.

  6. First they find LEGO then bolt action and then 40k

  7. If Trump is playing this game

    Camera man: What’s your strategy?

    Me: I don’t really got one, but anyone who pissed me off…I just nuke them
    or build a wall and make them pay for it……

  8. how do you make them they seem easy to make???????

  9. Woooooow! This reminds me the 1989 game Sherman M1 from Loriciel. ^^ Soooo much good times with the hunt for german tanks. :)))

  10. Making kids learn a strategy for defeating the nazi empire hmmmm

  11. Hey could you make Stuart’s and Chaffee for games like these?

  12. Way I see it this seems like a kid's intro to Table Top Wargaming…which is fine with me. Where I live there are not a lot of people into this kinda thing…hell the closest place I can go for this kinda thing is an official Warhammer store that's like…50 minutes away with decent traffic and it only offers games put out by that company..which isn't BAD, heck I enjoy WH40K but if I wanna play another tabletop wargame with a theme like WW1-2 or just any other tabletop wargame I'm kinda outta luck cause we got no place to meet up..if you can even find anyone interested in the hobby around here in the first place.

  13. But does this game have to be bought piece by piece to play or is there a way to buy in in one piece?

  14. Like if you play magic the gathering

  15. US vs german nazi… Where the Red Army, who took all the difficulty of the war? Guys, do you know how many people were died on eastern front?

  16. 6:09 That's not true! I was playing an altilery tank in World Of Tanks and I rushed enemies and then destroyed them very fast. 😉

  17. How to loose a game: give away your strategy

  18. Something like this is forbidden in Germany and can you bring into jail. No joke.

  19. is it just me oor do they charge 20 bucks for each tiny tank on the link? its a bit silly

  20. Cool game, but way too expensive…

  21. This reminds so much of flames of war. I like this game so much better because flames of war kits could run a few hundred dollars at a time or more. Even individual units were ridiculously expensive. This is so much cooler to me and its way less expensive and more practical for people who want to enjoy a game like this. Well done. Very nice.

  22. Can you make this into like a Lego ideas set this game seems really fun.

  23. Could u make Lego sets for these so people can play at home
    Oh you’ve already done it

  24. It looks like chess but with extra steps and tanks

  25. I look at the link and I think it is nice but I really think its overpriced for a 54 piece build for a price of 25:00$ for one tank

  26. Cool model designs, but how is a 50 piece set $20+..

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