K'SANTE NEW TANK CHAMPION - Abilities Speculations, Release Date, Skins, Weapon - League of Legends - panicarts.com

K’SANTE NEW TANK CHAMPION – Abilities Speculations, Release Date, Skins, Weapon – League of Legends

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K’SANTE NEW CHAMPION – Abilities Speculations, Release Date, Skins, Weapon, Everything We Know So Far – League of Legends. New Top High Skill Tank from Shurima, Lil Nas X Prestige Empyrean K’Sante.

0:00 – Intro
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1:36 – K’Sante

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  1. man i wouldn't risk a lion eating my cheese

  2. The only problem I have with him, is that they will surely add too much damage to him, and basically he will be more like bruiser that a tank

  3. This lowkey gives "We waz kangs" energy and feels pretty racist ngl. A random unknown city that was conveniently not conquered gives rise to a powerful king…

  4. Maybe he's not as chad as we thought, but more of a gender neutral buff guy. And pride refer to… you know, another kind of pride🌈

  5. I doubt Ntofos will be like a hammer. Probably more like a traditional Zulu Shield, since its made of hide

  6. If they are wanting to go with a Doomfist esque character. Riot better try to get Terry Cruise to voice him. Unlike OW dropping the ball on that when Doomfist dropped.

  7. I'm not a racist. But please riot. Can you stop adding champions of all nations just for the LGBT community? maybe you should add some INTERESTING champions?

  8. snowflakes be like "b-b-but tanks were white when I was a kid you're ruining my childhood 😭😭😭"

  9. lol the concept someone had is just a rip-off of the chargeblade from Monster Hunter 💀

  10. His weapon losing durability but getting stronger and stronger at lower durability sounds very cool actually. Kind of like rumbles overheating mechanic. I hope they run with that.

  11. yeah… we all remember what happened everytime they said they had a ''high-skill toplaner'' don't we?

  12. High skill ceiling like? Like azir? Like ryze, aphelios? Whenever they have a champion they want to have a high skill ceiling for it ends up being a shit champ because pro play has priority when ever the balance champs and solo queue gets the scraps

  13. I am kind of hoping his weapon is similar to Samehada from Naruto. The way they wrote his description sounds like on activation he turns from a tank to a high damage carry type champ, and I am excited for a new tank.

  14. Would it be a tank assassin
    Blunt= CC sharp= damage

  15. Prediction: Bizarro Riven has a complete weapon that breaks during ultimate. Otherwise is Riven clone.

  16. I hope Ksante isn't part of spirit blossom–makes literally zero sense if he is.

  17. So his skin is going to be made by lil nas x cool

  18. Maybe the weapon Will be like an Egyptien Khopesh or an Ethiopian Shotel

  19. sounds like Kled rework but with shurima and weapons

  20. so tired of all the racist colored people skins in video games. not a single skin of male colored person that isnt ghetto or non American. its like all game developers think black americans dont exist unless they were raised in the ghetto. Black people invented pop yet not a single skin that is pop besides the ekko skin that makes him look like a clown which is the ghetto of the middle ages.

  21. Okay this is like a gift from riot to me. I always love being a tank in the mmorpgs that I've played and the hammer is my favorite weapon. You name it, paladins, armored knights, even berserkers as long as they're beefy and has a hammer, I take it. Maining top with ornn, sion, and shen. Finally I have another boi in my team! Thank you Riot!

  22. they really need to stop making these supposedly "high skill champions" for a while look at the last 5 they released and look at their fkin playrate, in contrast look at sett for example he's a simple character and look at his playrate… insane how riot can be so delusional

  23. K'sante's weapon reminds me of Charge blade from Monster Hunter

  24. i dont like it when they push agendas in games why tho some cultures dont like it, it turns to many people off league

  25. Toplaner? Tank? now what is riot trying to do here those are two words that are long forgotten by them

  26. Looks like a black superman. Man of steal

  27. Nice, sounds like an expedition crew from the Monster Hunter Universe made it to Runeterra somehow and settled in XD Can't wait to try him, hope he has some form to take him in the jungle too!

  28. I bet he's going to be shirtless and have a kit that does not match each other.

  29. what a scam, didnt they say that he will be released in the new spirit blossom event with the spirit blossom skin?

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