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KARL44 vs Iron Kaput – Cartoons about tanks

Valhalla Toons
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Valhalla Toons presents a new cartoon about tanks. In this episode: American Karl44 fights against Iron Kaput. These are two super powerful high-tech steel monsters. But only one will win this tank battle. Also, in this episode you will meet Kaput 44 and American Ratte. Subscribe to not miss new videos, and of course, thank you for watching, friends! #valhalla_toons #cartoons_about_tanks #tanks #world_of_tanks_cartoon #tanks_animation


  1. Дай им танковый бог сил наказать этих фрицев

  2. RAT CARTOONS - Мультики Про Танки says:

    Мне нравится ваш контент, продолжайте делать его больше

  3. That's. For. Video. Please. 🆕. Video. 😢

  4. Idea: Make Ammuniton explosions,
    T72 MBT, T55, Shell explosions, which are caused by reload failure, and firing failure, killing the tank.

  5. 5 jam lalu buat lah lagu lanjut part 3 dan part 4

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