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Iron Tank | Game Builder Garage

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Drive a tank around and blow stuff up! You can even get out! If you do, you’ll die, because you’re not in the tank, you idiot. It’s safer in the tank.

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Grandpa’s Game Garage is a series dedicated to Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch! Submit your levels to the GGgrandpa website, or use the site to find fun new levels to play. Your ratings decide what appears on the show! I hope this inspires even more people to enter the world of game design.

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  1. Glad Dan was as sad as I was to see Stephen completely forget about getting out immediately after asking why you would do it.

  2. Hopefully no one has war flashbacks from tank wars. That game was fun but hard.

  3. Pretty cool game, but not for everyone since it looks pretty difficult even if you realize certain things that Stephen didn't…

  4. Stephen: "Oh no, my tank is too big to fit in this human-sized gap. Guess I can't get behind there"

  5. I remember voting on this one! I didn't even get as far as Stephen but I also forgot you could exist the tank ๐Ÿ˜‚ good game but hard

  6. Hey I submitted a game called โ€œHarder Clean Man Sunshine Demoโ€

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