Insaniquarium Deluxe - Full Game 1080p60 HD Walkthrough - No Commentary -

Insaniquarium Deluxe – Full Game 1080p60 HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

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One of my most favorite casual games, ever. This game was amazing back in the day, and it still is! Me, my twinbrother and mother really love this game. All three of us finished it multiple times in the past years.

This walkthrough contains all 5 levels of each 4 tanks
(Adventure Mode only walkthrough).

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Story: Dive into wild arcade action as you feed fish and fight aliens in the craziest aquarium around! Control and protect a colorful aquarium with fantastic fish and colorful sea creatures by keeping your friendly fish fed and happy… and safe from alien intruders!
Feed your fish, then quickly collect the coins they drop to upgrade to better food, amazing new fish species and awesome weapons. But make sure to use those weapons on all the ruthless extraterrestrial boss beasts, or you’ll be sunk in an empty tank!

Release Date: September 1, 2004
Genre: Casual Games (Puzzle, Virtual Pets)
Platforms: Windows, Palm OS, Java, Windows Mobile
Publisher: PopCap Games
Developer: Flying Bear Entertainment

My Xbox gamertag: Shad0wx54x
My PlayStation gamertag: ToughGamingGuyYT

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  1. I remember wanting to go in that cave and open that helmet

  2. I just realized that the snail here is also the same one in PvZ's snail at the garden lmao. I miss this game though

  3. Geremy Gonzales // "SleepwalkerRinIsCutie" says:

    Vintage GameHouse!

  4. I remember watching this game that my other classmate play back in kindergarten. I always get mad at the classmate for not feeding the carnivore with the fish food (not knowing its a carnivore and what it eats) and so does he. I always cry when I saw the enemy is approaching because it's going to eat my fishies and immediately quit the game when he arrives because I don't want them to die (not knowing you can shoot them to the f***** ground). Few years prior I stumbled back on it and this time I made sure those f***** are going to die

  5. Petition For Easyspeezy To Speedrun This Game

  6. Azhar Boyz Studios (DEAD FOR 185 YEARS) says:

    666TH! 😲😲😲😲😲

  7. This is my first game I ever played

  8. The hardest time when i played this game is to decide the 3 pets for the next level 😭😂

  9. I remember playing this i always play with my mother to help me beat it and unlocked some pets ah the memories

  10. i forgot this game's name but ive been searchung for it and finally this came out.. brings back memories

  11. Bro, I remember to play this with my aunt and my uncle, these times were kinda the best of my life, the alien scared me lmao 🤣

  12. I used to play this at my daycare when I was like 7 or 8. What a trip

  13. Its nostalgic hearing pvz sound effects.

  14. i wish they continued this game, imagine if we had more characters with unique abilities

  15. Pop Cap had so many potential susccesfull game

  16. Such a simple game and a fun one at the same time

  17. i used to play this game with my aunt back in the day. I was so scared of the blue alien, she’d just laugh about it. I miss you so much, you were the best aunt ever

  18. When i was a kid im scared of these game idk why

  19. I remember me and my sister playing this game. Such good memories.

  20. Recuerdo que cuándo tenía 9 años me regalaron mi primera computadora para usarla con tareas de la escuela. Esté juego venía en la pc y sólo venía como prueba, no podía abrirlo más de 8 veces o debía comprarlo, así que cada vez que lo jugaba pasaba horas para aprovecharlo hasta que se me acabaron los intentos.

    Thank you to the man who uploaded the video, you revive my childhood memories :') ❤

  21. magtorture X (the hyper god of the galaxy) says:

    The nostalgia of this game is unforgetable


  23. My type-G instant eat all my fish that why i want to download at computer

  24. im simple guy
    if there is any bonuses or dlc
    so the game didnt end yet 🙂

  25. Until today I had merely incredibly vague memories of this game and playing it on the school computer. Glad to see that this game is still, you know, a thing.

  26. Damn…I remember the nostalgia going back to the good old days playing peggle,pvz,insaniquarium..

  27. Back when the days were simple. Young me just playing games like these, I remember i get excited when im about to play this game. I've had fun. Man so nostalgic…

  28. That "bluba bluba bluba bluba bluh" death noise has never left my mind

  29. The nastolgia hit me like a freight train, holy cow..

  30. Can anyone help me with this. I bought this game on origin and It won’t load full screen? It’s literally a tiny little window that I can’t enlarge at all?

  31. Didn’t we used to be able to play this for free? Can anyone tell me how I can play this now? And is there a smartphone version

  32. My mom always win this game…till this day I can't even fight the final boss..

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