Insane Advance Wars Games: Starflash250 Vs LaskaLarner (Std: Spring in General) -

Insane Advance Wars Games: Starflash250 Vs LaskaLarner (Std: Spring in General)

Deejus Productions
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Sometimes you gotta larn your lesson the hard way…

0:00 Intro
5:09 The GAME


  1. StarFlash play can be weirdly frustrating to watch sometimes with how highly regarded he seems to be :/

  2. I think i got a nutty lower level replay, where do i share for possible clip :O?

  3. Man, we're all gonna feel really dumb when Deejus finally admits that none of these players are real and its all been him playing against himself on alt accounts the entire time

  4. Without having seen the video I predict StarFlash will go aggro like crazy😂

  5. Somebody memed a little too close to the sun this match.

  6. Not sure why StarFlash captured the upper left city before the base. Just to blast open the pipe with an early artillery? I guess he went full base-rush

  7. Thanks for displaying that game, Deejus. I also notice LaskaLarnar did a good job at avoiding sitting his units on properties. I guess that's also why StarFlash didn't get any use of Urban Blight.

  8. “I hope you guys learned something.”

    Yeah, don’t build a battleship. Also, don’t build two battleships. Also also, rockets, don’t build those either. Just indirects getting wrecked everywhere.

  9. Man those 2 battleships weren't just battleships, they were baboonships

  10. Yooooo I was literally referencing this match for a GL game as it was ongoing

  11. So this is what "get Larned" looks like 😅

  12. I love the music at the end of your videos!
    Keep it up with the amazing content :DD

  13. If instead of Battleship he built a bomber the first time around. And then the second time around a few turns before that a fighter would have been much better vs the 11 copters.

  14. I can’t help but DESTROY the like button when I hear the b word

  15. Would it be possible to change the red circle around the cursor to make it more viewer friendly?

    Maybe a target or a magnifying glass or something?

    Very interesting match to watch and cool map.

  16. This is why we love Starflash.
    He is an art. He is a performance. Long time fans just knew some nutty crap would happen watching this guy.

  17. I played a banger game on this map. I should have lost in the long run, but them tech labs are interesting!

  18. why didn't Starflash just go Drake if he was going to build two battleships? the defense boost might've made those do something.

  19. StarFlash's Battleship was amazing for all the wrong reasons.

  20. The thing with High Society is, that from what I have heard it was actually nerfed in AWBW.
    In AWDS is counts every single property you own (I am uncertain about Comm Towers and Labs tbf), but in AWBW it supposedly only counts your cities.

    So when Starflash used High Society on an 24k income in AWDS he would have received a 72% firepower boost, 82% with the passive (up to 91% if Labs and Comm Towers are also counted). In this matchup however we got to deduct the 4 Bases, 3 Ports and Airport so he only got a 58% firepower boost from it.

  21. that bottom battleship could have paid of alot more if that arty was not in range, nothing except B copters and bombers and indirects can dislodge a battleship with 3 star port defense save a megatank in direct combat, simply shoot any artillery or rockets that move in range, EVEN if you have to devote 2 or more b copters to damage it that's 2 b copters thats doing miniscule damage to something when they could be doing meaningful damage to light tanks or medium tanks.

    all in all i would approve unless the arty was portlocking

  22. Don’t stop the puns, they’re funny lol…

  23. Starflash battleship!! I had a good laugh. Still banger of a game.

  24. Atleast Starflash can go sailing out to sea where no one can laugh at his baboon plays.

  25. StarFlash larned a hard lesson this match: battleships are the early white flag of surrender

  26. I have a couple games in this map, and I learned a lot, lower level (around 1K) we don't bust trough the pipes and almost never base rush/open arty.

  27. Orangutan at the end was so done with the baboonships. Aite' im out – Utan

  28. Mr deej I find your lack of nutty lower level replay reviews disturbing…

  29. I think Starflash just watched Batman Forever and really wanted to reenact the scene in there where the Riddler says "NO! You sunk my battleship!" Then did it again.

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