I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 TANK SIMULATOR I have ever seen... - panicarts.com

I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 TANK SIMULATOR I have ever seen…

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  1. That's a really nice diorama of the Fries 16t Strabokran, though that flag wouldn't have been hung there.I mean, way to paint a cross for enemy spotters to aim for . . .

  2. Ahhh yes the war thunder community is going to be happy this time

  3. Why do the soviets have bazookas in 1942…

  4. hmm.. I dont like that it tells you what units you kill.. I prefer to see it in debriefing.

  5. My grandfather drove a panzerwagon 3 in world war 2 on the Eastern front including the battle of Kursk.
    He described tank combat as sitting in a dark room knowing a gun is pointed at your head.

  6. play red orchestra 2, that was a cool game, full internals, there were few tanks but god it was cool

  7. from the look of this , i think this game is based on Hell let Lose

  8. The Russians didn't employ bazookas. The infantry was stuck with an obsolescent antitank rifle until the end of the war, and otherwise used antitank magnetic mines, satchel charges and molotov cocktails for close assault.

  9. Cute toy Tiger tank…bouncing along like it's made of meringue.

  10. Simulator? Controllig turret motion with mouse pointer… Driving with WASD….

  11. this not simulator 3rd person view bro 不不不

  12. Its not GRAD 丹儭 its katjusha. Grad was developed only in 60s

  13. it looks fun but lacking in overall stuff to do

  14. The AI is pretty bad so far. Hopefully it gets better

  15. oh man i kinda hoped it would be little like uboat, where the singleplayer are a long career mode until 1944 where we took care of that specific vehicle rank up until get the tiger but it just looks like a man of war without the RTS aspect but still not bad in gameplay aspect atleast more competitor for warthunder the better

  16. Reminds me of good old Panzer Front on PS1, I wouldn't mind a game like that today, especially if well made

  17. The game reminds me of Steel Fury much more than WOT.

  18. For those old enough, definite Panzer Elite inspiration.

  19. This is definitely not pay to win World of Tanks.
    It looks great with way more realistic play.

  20. It looks okay but honestly it is still a low level arcade style game that has zero basis in historical accuracy thus its no where near a sim more a first person shooter with very limited ai reactions (infantry just sitting around waiting to be shot) and the tactics and behaviors of the enemy tanks are laughable at best and just horribly stupid at worst. The two missions were to be honest and fair, dumb. U sit on a hill and just shoot at things that dont shoot back dont call artillery and so on. The aiming is also a joke, it looks to be made for the lowest denominator, meaning it requires no skill or learning just put the site on it and push the button when its green.

  21. I wouldve loved if you could squad up in a single tank. That would be so cool.

  22. Great concept, but this was clearly not ready to see the light of day yet. The AI is all but non-existent and the aiming is so terrible. There are times where it will click from being too far left, to being too far right of the tank.

    Given time this could be a project worth looking into, but right now I am just surprised someone thought this was a good showcase of their product.

  23. Theres no such thing as tank squad. The smallest all tank unit is the platoon and is usually comprised of 3 to 5 tanks.

  24. I hate the person who invented the inane phrase what not. I think its the same person that invented the phrase any who. The dumbing down of western civilization.

  25. seems like it could be something but realistic? nah. tank is way to quick and soundwise the sound is bad. Seems very laggy and choppy. BUT i like the idea and hope they continiue and improve :).

  26. Cant wait for mods and Cold War version

  27. The graphics look horrible, the sounds are insanely bad and the game mechanics look boring.

  28. What I hope is that they replace the money system with an actual logistics system you are the mercy of.
    Like you have to order the fuel, ammo and replacement parts and shit and the cost is time, rather than money and you dont have always the desired amount, depending on the status of the front, the war, etc.
    If this gets a Campaign mode maybe then have a historical campaign and a-historical one that changes these things and stuff.
    Where you can influence with your priority and/or are just part of the greater war and when nothing major happens you better be stingy with your stuff and things like that.
    I would really find it cool if the Devs made you just another part of the greater military and you had to go through the same antics and shenanigans as these soldiers did when it came to logistics.

  29. A tank simulator where you drive a tank from a third-person perspective can't be called a tank simulator.

  30. customize your tank – someone will add an anime paintscheme

  31. The tank combat for Post Scriptum was probably the best imo.

  32. This game has a lot of potential to be w very fun game

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