I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 TANK SIMULATOR I have ever seen... - panicarts.com

I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 TANK SIMULATOR I have ever seen…

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  1. Tank squad, yet Youtube categorized as War Thunder. What the hell Youtube.

  2. The artwork looks very nice, meaning menu background etc

  3. i like this game… looks great too great video raptor cheers


  5. looks good but that machine gun doesn't sound the best

  6. Good to know this sim: could you setup a multi-player campaign with three other players? It would be cool!

  7. did they get a little kid to make a machine gun sound with their mouth… I'm rolling 不不

  8. been following this game for a while and this demo really put me down, graphics arent that great, performance issues with good PC, manchine gun tracers wont even talk about it xD, gameplay feels worst than war thunder at some extent, lack of tanks or even APC vehicles, im not really a fan of the large target destroyed appearing in my front (that feels like a mobile game). I think they missed a good oportunity to show the best version of the game and that really made me losse all the interest i had for it unfortunatly. We'll see when it comes out if it is something good like the trailer was

  9. Already more interesting and diverse than sh*tthunder

  10. this a good concept, would be great as small scale pvp too

  11. Instead of money they should use prestige or a similar system to get upgrades as opposed to money.

  12. Hello, thanks for creating a video of our game! This helps us very much, thank you again

  13. Let me ask this. I am looking for a game with realistic gameplay and not just a bunch of of kids running around with unrealistic tanks. Does anyone with a knowledge of history, the actual internal crew functions being performed in a realistic timeframe that develops speed as the "crew" of the tank gain experience, just like you would in real life, with the same type of variables and issues that must be dealt with, and only from the commanders point of view, just like in reality.
    Are there any games with clubs/teams/anything with serious players and I do not mean quick fingered gamers. I mean guys who did the job like I did in an M60A3 back in the day.
    If you got that, I am all in.
    If you want some advice from an old tanker that will make things a little more realistic from his point of view free of charge or maybe a review from someone who has an idea what REALISTIC actually is.
    If that is your goal.
    I would also love to see a game in which each crew position is manned by a team of players. This is how a tank operates. Maybe leave out the loaders position due to its actual playability.
    Someone please make this happen.

  14. 4:11 and i guess theres a little bit of training ground here…
    the sign: "Friedhof"(Cemeteray)

    huhh… ^^ must be a training ground for the eastern front xD

  15. This game is not awsome yet. It has a long way to become one. It's way to early to say something like that…First of all, it's only a demo, but it has some serious issues. Voice overs, gun sounds, the irritating mud sound when you are in your camp…You can not shoot through anything, tanks feel clunky, missions feel empty and meaningless, I mean, you just drive around killing everything, no tactic whatsoever needed. I hope there will be a progressive system, cause right now, no reason to use other tanks except Tiger…Way to many glitches on your camp as well, the soviet captured tanks break down and glitch. Little to now interface as well to all the posts our camp has, plus maybe for the demo, you would not need half of them, like ammo or fuel. I was waiting for it with high hopes and I really wanted it to succed, but I really don't know anymore, I'll give it another try when there is a patch and see some updates of this demo.

  16. …they didn't have MIG welding back then jsut btw…

  17. I mean, they have some nice ideas, but boy this game is ugly as hell, visually and gameplay wise. Developers, please get back into the lab and start from scratch. Thank you.

  18. And seems the hull MG are silent like for 90% of "brutal ww2 tank simulators"… why nobody loves hull mg?

  19. the moment he called a "Friedhof" (Cemetery) a training ground

  20. This dont look like a simulator more like arkade game!

  21. This reminds me a lot of Panzer Elite I will be buying

  22. 1:59 That is almost identical to the stormtrooper screaming in star-wars lol.

  23. This game is more on the arcade side, anyone disagree ?

  24. They postpone it the whole time, waiting for that game since the end of 2020 O.o Nice video btw, finally we've got some insights besides the Dev-Discord.

  25. Interesting and has possibilities… Post Scriptum has been at it longer and does a better job. IL-2 Tank Crew is pretty close to this and has a nice variety of models.

  26. LOL!!!!! IL-2 Tank Crew has been out since 2019 and it's the best Tank sim on the internet right now. Check out the Finnish Virtual Pilots of Advance & Secure servers.

  27. Looks cool. But is there some kind of historical career mode, where you actually have to start on a Pz II in 1939 and then work your way up to the other all the historical Panzer types? It would be awkward if you could play a Tiger right from the start …

  28. How is this a sim. It looks arcadey af! Hell let Loose is way better. Post Scriptum has become a graveyard because it's too hardcore for daily fun for most people.

  29. looks a bit like WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger from 2008

  30. They always used mg34s in tanks. The mg42 wasnt suitable for the fittings they had, so in fact, wvery german tank used the mg34.
    I guess they could have modded them a little to make them fire a little faster, the fire rate could be adjusted but thats probably it.
    As you said tho, they could fit the better mg42 on a top anti air/ clearing troops role, i think the tiger and king tiger ,panther etc had the top turret/ commanders cuppola guns as an option.(some like the Hetzer had a remote system that could fire from inside the tabk through the roof of the hull.
    Game does look pretty good tho i must say, having an mg34 isnt so bad

  31. Im still trying to learn Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 – Graviteam is the ruler of the tank sim (Steel Beasts included).

  32. hm kinda meh…
    i like the idea of managing your tank squad/batallion or whatever this shall be but it looks way to arcady and small scaled.
    should have made something like silent hunter, panzer elite, IL2 or any other simulation.

  33. This looks amazing. Ill be buying this for sure. Hopefully see some of you guys in battle!!!

  34. From What I see you were getting the real deal from the gunner's sight and yes, the turret would rock in real life remember the recoil needs to go somewhere. Also, the tanks in the distance where spot on for hull down positions. this game definitely beets W>O>T> for realism. And for the eastern front the Germans where outnumbered, so that was right but to make it even better have the tigers break down in battle like they so often did. and have the tank crew debark and run and steal a T34-85 like they also so often did.

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