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I Must Destroy Everything To Reach MAX LEVEL!

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I Must Destroy Everything To Reach MAX LEVEL!

Welcome back to Tank Combat! Today’s destroy everything, upgrade, and reach tank God Hood! Let’s do this!

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  1. if you will ever do any video reactions then react to the Russian YouTuber that made these tanks (homeanimations)

  2. How is that leviathan 1.0 he looks bigger and stronger than that

  3. RaMons? How is he weaker even he’s a boss? He died to a little tank 😮

  4. The recovery tank is a t34 1942 or something

  5. Did you know that this game name is "Tank Combat" this game is inspired by HomeAnimations Channel.

  6. @BaronVonGames
    7:35 the boss, in the homeanimations videos, it's name is "RaMons", and it is two brothers that had to pretty much merge into one tank. But they died because of the KV6 tank. And if your wondering how i know this, I watch WAY, WAY, WAAY to many of these 🤣

  7. the part where you that the kv-6 is a german tank well its actuwaly a russain tank

  8. Watch out for when you get to harder levels because there are flying enemies

  9. The tank that has a drill thats Waffentrager e100

  10. watch home animations and gerand and you'll understand

  11. Not only was the colter a german but it also loked like a Tiger 1

  12. wait so gerand and know home animations have their own tank games with their very own tank drawings, wow

  13. yep thats kv 6 alright i watch home anamations every single day

  14. lol homeanimations and gerand combined together=trashy free game

  15. thats a swedish tank not american

  16. At 5:55 it sounds like homeanimations would actually do that

  17. I believe all of these tanks are from a animation series on tanks where they create cartoons that focus on tanks that continuously fight

  18. Actually, they are from home Animation and you should check them out

  19. dude the dev just copied Homeanimations cant even make his own tank

  20. Is basct on video of a tank alive

  21. The designs in this game are stolen the original creator of the designs is Aleksandr Kostrikov a Russian YouTuber also known as Homeanimations

  22. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  23. A game that is called Tank Steel is just like this but you can evolve your tank

  24. after watching 2-3 hours of anime this was a good break

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