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I made the most cursed tank in existence

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It’s Labo Tank-Armored Car & Truck.

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  1. Day 85 asking for flipping turning board. Gray loved the flipping L turn. Let's make him hate them.

  2. 4:12 For the people that dont know the drip music. Its Friday Fright Night by DJ DENZ

  3. 323 world crushing tanks later, there is no army left. Just Gray. And his lack of sanity taking over.
    Video 323 of asking for a 100% everything is a windmill course in GTA. Roads, challenges, everything.

  4. why is bro dubbed in multiple languages 😭😭

  5. Yo gray. I played that game but it limits you to 3 guns on a tank unless you get the full version. But at least I can make a crazy t34

  6. My little brother played this and I always wondered what would happen if Gray got a hold of this, my prayer's have been answered 🥳

  7. No gray, no that is not how tanks work lol.

  8. This. This is definition of GrayStillPlays. Look up GrayStillPlays in the dictionary and this is what you'll find next too it. Along with Spleens.

  9. Every like i get or comment ill have a dream

  10. Can you pls play battle of tank steel?

  11. Never mind i fixed it😂 it sounded so weard in dutch

  12. Gray go to therapy What the hell did you make at the end?

  13. Kids: I want to play Warthunder.
    GrayStillPlays: We got Warthunder at home.
    Warthunder at home:

  14. Day 68 of asking for the return of BeamNG police chases

  15. Video 071 of asking Gray to play Cities: Skylines II!

  16. Nothing in the world releases more dopamine in me than the hill climb racing 2 announcer saying "A NEW RECORD!"

  17. Gray made a pretty mobile for once it's so beutiful

  18. TV-Y-Young Children Over The age of 2
    TV-G-Generall Audience
    TV-Y7-Young Children 7-11 Aged Audience people
    Includes Comedic Violence Mild Language
    TV-PG- Parental Guidance
    Includes Suspicious Language Violence bit of Sexual content
    TV-14 DLSV Dialogue Violence sex Language
    TV-MA-Mature Audience

  19. I will do 1 comment for every push up this gets

  20. This was supposed to be a kids game……….. I was wrong………….

  21. Bro the thumbnail hit me with nostalgia because I used to watch those Russian cartoons

  22. Why did I see a homeanimations tank in the thumbnail because that game does not have a tank like that beside a strange kiddish design

  23. WHU IS THE KV44 TANK OB THE THUMBNAIL!? (Btw that KV-44 is from Homeanimations which is a very good youtube channel 🙂

  24. I made A navy Boat and I drew it on paper.That's all I Draw it on paper

  25. watching 1 grey videos = upgrade kv-44M 2×

    2 vids = 5+ upgrade for kv-44M

  26. If this comet gets 1k likes i will make a pp idont have youtube so i will just ask

  27. Surprised someone actually knows about Trogdor
    Great short clip by the way would recommend

  28. That tank was kv-44 from homeanimations for the thumbnail 🤩🤩

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